August 31, 2011

Sawadii Krab

Here I am again.  I've been here three weeks and have far too many to go.
Two awesome Thai words:
Lem (mountain tone):  the classifier for books and knives.  I'm not sure how those two are referenced by the same word, but I love both, so I love the word.
Babababo (roughly):  Crazy. It just fits.
I love shaving with the straight razor.  I get a lot of questions and respect.  I guess sticking a plain blade to your face is respectable.  It is more daring.  I don't cut myself anymore, I haven't cut myself shaving in a long time.  I'm proud of it.  Over that learning curve.  I sharpened my knife the other day.  It makes me happy.  One of my teachers questioned if that was allowed.  At least I'm not like one of the English elders, with a wide Kershaw.  My little knife is obviously a tool.  Although an assisted open with a big blade is cool, it just screams "weapon."  It's just a matter of thinking beforehand I guess.  There's been some stupid stuff that's happened in other branches.  Ours has been really good, for which I am grateful. 
Class has been great.  I love having the different teachers for the additional perspective.  We have another investigator, he's just great, we have high hopes.  I love teaching, my companions are so great that sometimes I forget to talk.  That's bad, I need to practice. The language is coming along well.  They barely teach us how to read, I have been really going at it, and am able to sound things out slowly now.  I can even understand things that I read.  I'm almost through 1 Nephi 1.  All my flashcards and vocab are in script so that I can learn to spell them and to practice recognizing words.  There are some words that I read, I don't sound out, because I'm familiar with them.  I read (not sounded out) a whole phrase this morning.  I'm pretty pleased with that.
The Phii Thays are leaving in a week!  We love them and wish we were leaving with them.  It'll just be the four of us.  Most all of the asian language missionaries will be leaving, the floor where we have our classroom will be empty.  The English elders on the floor where we live (the fourth floor, and there's no elevator.  I love it.)  are leaving today.  Unless we get another batch tomorrow, by this time next week there will only be the three of us on our entire floor.  New missionaries slow down once school starts.
I'd like to challenge everyone to remember to pray every day, morning and night.  Prayer is just so important, God really wants to talk with us, and for us to talk to him.
To anyone preparing on going on a mission, I would highly advise being familiar with the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon.  I also would say that studying from Preach My Gospel will pay off big time.  Knowing the doctrine and having a testimony of it is crucial to being an effective missionary.  Being familiar with Preach My Gospel and the Scriptures is such a blessing.
Well, I am out of time, so I'd better leave.  The church is God's and the work is going forth!  Things are really picking up in Thailand, it's so exciting to get to be a part of it.
Chog Dii!
Elder Robert Buss

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