September 14, 2011

41 Days

And we are counting each day.  Also, 8 Days until the Nuung Thay come.  We're so excited for those two missionaries!  Speaking of new missionaries, this has been an exceptional week.  Wednesday we were walking along, when suddenly I see my companion running for the front desk.  I followed suit and we became hosts - the people who take the brand new missionaries from their car and get them started at the MTC.  They just needed 30 more people, the four of us elders made it.  We had missed the meeting, so we had a paper to sudy over lunch.  We missed most of class, hosting took priority.
Another exceptional activity was moving.  We got everything down from the fourth floor, moved acrossed the MTC, then back up four floors.  Our building is super convenient, it's next to the cafeteria, and the new postoffice/bookstore/barbershop/drycleaning/traveloffice/just about everything.  It superceded all other activities.  So we were an exception again.  And then our whole building is an exception to the norm.  The top two floors are elders, the second floor is sisters, the bottom is unoccupied.   And it has parts of a lot of branches in it.  Normally branches are all together, but ours is the mixed up one. 
Another exceptional activity was my hospital visit, and Elder Burbank.  Elder Burbank is in great health, but he made the mistake of standing up fast in class, and he happed to pass out.  So after a long string of nonsense, his district has left without him, he lives with us, and has two companions of a sort in another district.  The MTC is worried since they don't know why he fainted, so he's had a lot of tests.  I was his companion for one of the many hospital visits.  So instead of language study, I did flashcards in a van and hospital.  I didn't learn much Thai, but it was fun.
Another exceptional activity was my shot.  I missed something or the other because of it.
Elder Burbank really helps our district be unique.  We have about 4-5 people in our district.  I sort of have three companions.  It's AWESOME.  I love we we split into pairs.  It is so different.
Language report: I had to sit down crying in class because of what I said.  Instead of roleplaying helping an investigator stop smoking, I asked if she had forgotten to smoke.  I now can talk about the word of wisdom without laughing, which is good because we taught the word of wisdom to our rapidly progressing investigator.  Only a few more lessons.  He's really forcing us to learn more vocab. 
We talked about how do deal with idolatry in class.  That was a interesting discussion.  Who would have thought that idolatry would be a big concern on my mission?
We are making the transition to all Thai in class.  Our discussion about the Book of Mormon was all Thai (We can substitute English words for words we don't know in Thai).  I can't wait until I can think in Thai.  Then I'll really be effective.
It's been an all around good week. 
Elder Robert Buss

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