October 12, 2011

Beautiful Savior

So, I don't really have a lot to talk about like I've had upto this point.  I'm not apetized by the food, the language is just great, the only unusual thing that happened was that we have another missionary living with us now.  Elder Heiner has knee problems and his district just left, thus like Elder Burbank, he is now with us.  He'll attend class with a Enlish district in our Zone, but will be with us a lot.  We know the drill now.
So, I'd like to spend my email time telling about being a missionary.  I just talked with my grandma Buss for a while about it, and I think that it's important that everyone gets to see more of what it really means.  Yeah, I look forwards to Elephants, Ostriches, sky lanterns (like in Tangled), lizards, deadly centipedes, fire hot food, scorpions in my room, a national waterfight, and learning how to kill snakes with my first hit while riding on my bike.  More importantly, is that we are missionaries!  Our job is to invite people to come to Christ.
Here's what we do:  We help people be really happy.  They can have true peace and joy in this life.
Here's how we do it:  We help them be converted. 
They have to change who they are.  We don't just help them learn doctrine.  We change people's lives.  To experience conversion, an people must have a personal witness of the truth of our message.  They gain that through prayer, scripture study, and attending church.  Investigators gain an additional witness as they then take what they know and change their lives.  They keep commitments and commandments to prepare to make covenants.   Moreover, they learn firsthand of God's love and the Atonement of Jesus Christ through true repentance. 
The greatest miracle that anyone will ever see is to watch the Atonement enter into someone's life and fill it with joy.  God's love is extended to everyone.  Every single person on this earth is his child, and he wants them to return to live with him.  Anyone who doubts it should look at the beautiful world he created for us.  The world is no accident.  It's a way for us to learn and grow.  We have this opportunity to prepare to meet God again.  I have no doubts that this is true.  It is absolute truth.
However, it is impossible for us to fulfil our purpose as missionaries. We simply cannot do it, we don't know enough, we don't have enough skill in teaching, nor are we able to really change someone else.  The teacher is the Holy Ghost.  Our job is to do everything that we can to help people learn from the Spirit.  Whenever we can, we try to help people recognize answers to prayer, to recognize the Spirit.  Once they do, it is just a matter of them accepting Christ into their lives.  We are just there to help things happen.  And it is an AWESOME opportunity. 
Just like the people who are learning from the missionaries, each of us needs to be more humble, more accepting of God's will.  As we do everything we can with sincere desire, with humility to accept God, God accepts us and does it all.  The real secret in the curch is that God wants our whole heart.  He doesn't want tithing, or scripture study, or church attendance.  He wants us to be like him, and that cannot happen unless our heart is fully open.  The way we stay strong is to be open.  The three biggest things we do for that are: praying, studying the scriptures, and going to church.  And as we do these with sincerity, trusting in the LORD, we are able to do everything he needs us to.  We can recieve revelation in everything we do.  We can better live up to our covenants.  When we are doing so, we have the spirit.  If we dont' feel the spirit, we need to change so that we can.
Take what you know, and become it.  Don't pray.  Become a prayerful person, that's how you pray always.  Don't read the scriptures.  Become a person who listens to the LORD in the scriptures and in the Spirit.  Don't go to church.  Become a real member of Christ's Kingdom, and meet together with other members each week.  Then everything will follow, because your heart and mind and actions will become one with God's actions.  Set a goal today to be someone different, someone better.  Do what you should because you heart is fully in it.  You'll never regret it.
We are all imperfect.  God knows that and in his love he provided a beautiful plan, with a beautiful Savior in the center, calling for each of us to come and have peace and joy.  Nobody is turned away.
I challenge you to set a goal to become a better person, and hold yourself accountable to that goal.  Every night I tell the LORD about my day and how everything went.  Our efforts are not unnoticed or don't make a difference.  He accepts us and loves each of us.
Have a wonderful week.
Elder Robert Buss

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