October 26, 2011

I'm still here in the MTC

Many of you may have heard already, but I am on delay.  Due to the severe floods, we cannot get to Thailand yet.  No missionaries were able to leave (unconfirmed news - they may have been able to return to the states now), President Smith is in a hotel, as the mission home is flooded.  (Still is - current intel. from office missionary)  Many missionaries are without a home.  Hundreds of people have died.  In one area it is as deep as four meters.  Best guesses give us as having about two more weeks here.  When we do leave, it will probably be very sudden.  I'll get to call home again.  We have done everything as if we were going to depart.  Departure devotional, final instructions, etc.  We can leave at any time.  Our stuff isn't packed, but it's fully able to be packed within a hour.
This week has been good.  Not leaving, but possibly leaving any day totally changed our perspective.  I really am loving it here.  My district is really growing stronger. 
Overall I've been really doing well with goal setting.  I have about 24 I am working on right now.  I didn't assign the district meeting lesson out this week - the assigned topic was Goals and Plans, for which I am quite qualified to talk about.  We are starting to try to help each other out on personal goals, and are doing well with setting good companionship and district goals.  (Previously I despaired that we ever would be able to set a good goal, some people had insticts to set terrible goals)  Now we are really getting prepared.  We'll be the absolute best right-out-of-the-MTC missionaries Thailand has ever had.  The new MTC curriculum is fantastic, and we now get time to perfect everything.  I truely feel sorry for the English missionaries.  They don't know what they are missing out on.  It takes weeks to start to get it for real.  Before then you just think you understand.  Then you have to make it part of you, my current aim.  We stand on the shoulders of many generations of missionaries.
I've really gotten effective at using our teachers to help me.  Before I felt like they weren't very helpful one-on-one, but I didn't understand what coaching study should be like.  For the last few weeks I get a rediculous amount of knowledge and experience out of them.  We have amazing teachers.  They really are unparalleled.  For the duration of our stay we are using a curriculum that they are making up.  (we've finished the MTC curriculum)  Yesterday was just amazing.  They really are working with us to address everything we need. 
I know that this work is the LORD's.  It really is his truths that we teach.  As we let them sink deeply into our hearts, we gain perspective and happiness that can be gained no other way.
May the LORD bless you,
Elder Robert Buss

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