October 19, 2011

Last week

I'm doing well. 
Interesting things this week:
  One missionary said in response to the question "Are we burned in the baptism of fire?"  may ka - which means no, but the tone was flipped, thus the response was "burnt, yes." 
  We got our travel plans.  I got them from the box, smuggled them in my suit, hid in the travel office and put them in my shirt, and told my district we didn't have them.  I made up a story about talking to the travel office, and said that they might still be sorting mail, or they'll get them to us tomorrow.   My purpose was so that everyone could be together when we opened them, and not have it distract us from class.  (Sister Knutson was teaching then).  We had anther missionary 'check' our box in case they came.  He forgot our box number, so he just broke into random boxes  While they were getting a drink I slipped around the corner, and hid them in the nccng Thai classroom.  Elder Mateos had to go to orientation with the new missionaries, then when class was over early because the power was out, Sister Knutson had to go with her companion.  I told her I had the plans, be she was dragged off.  So me and Elder Staten are together, with chilled drinks (we were prepared for the plans' arrival).  We went to Sister Knutson's building, recruited four sisters to hunt for her, and then we waited by the Gym, since the orientation would bring Elder Mateos by.  They were all irritated that I had lied, but the teachers all were so pleased when they heard.  We leave at 8:20pm, Monday, stop at LAX and Hong Kong, and get to Bangkok at around 10:30am, Wednesday.
Thailand has had very severe flooding lately.  Really terrible.
  I got to host Sister Knutson's brother.  (I had to put some effort into being the first person to meet someone that I've never seen)  I primed other people about him, so he was super welcomed.  I love hosting new missionaries.
  I don't believe in the MTC.  I just want to be out in the world.  Until then, I've got lots of goals to keep my focus.
The Gospel is so true!  It really is the way to happiness.
Elder Robert Buss

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