October 5, 2011

Week Nine ish.

I'm not too sure how long I've been here.  Since August I guess.  It's all good though - we've still got a little time to do everything we can to get ready, then head to Thailand.  I'm really excited for that.  We just talked with Elder Khemthorn (Satap) - a khon Thai here at the MTC.  His picture is on our wall.  He pointed out that Elder Phelps was in the same picture.  So there, Chandler is on our wall.  I now have 1 Baht.
This week is a bit of a blur.  (The whole MTC is a blur too)  General Conference was great.  We were in the Gym with two thousand other missionaries.   (There's about 2500 in the MTC, the rest were in overflow).  Everything was canceled, we'd be told our meal times after each session, they'd stagger which areas of seating were to eat when.  Not going to lie, it was nice to not have distractions (noisy siblings).   I especially liked Elder Scott, Nelson, and Oaks.  There were another five or so that I don't remember the names of that were also favorites.  I enjoyed every single talk.
I think I'm just about done with the food here.  So I no longer want to eat much.  I'm probably so full of preservatives that if I died right now, I wouldn't rot for days.  Food's not bad, but boring.  Some hot Thai food sounds really good.  Just a note for everyone -  you never button the bottom button on your suit.  Don't question it, just do it.  A lot of people have yet to learn this here.
Well, a many people use lots of superlatives when describing their MTC experience.  "This is the hardest."  "This is the most spiritual experience I've ever had."  "This is the longest..."  I hold the view that superlatives are not good here.  It makes it sound like you weren't ready to be here.  Granted, it is a training center, but a few weeks here can only do so much compared to years of experience before.
"Your first convert will be yourself."  That's all nice and dandy to hear, but I hate it.  Because people should be converted before ever stepping foot here in the MTC.  (let alone the temple or the priesthood)  You CAN NOT share what you don't have.  You can't testify, you can't be a missionary without already knowing that it IS TRUE.  Never mind that you will be asking investigators to do things you haven't, to study to pray with real intent, when you haven't done so.  Yes, we learn a lot, here.  I have learned more here about how to help others be converted than anywhere else.  That's what this place is -  a missionary training center, not a testimony factory.  Your testimony can and shoud grow here, but you need it before hand.  Testimony is the foundation of everything we do.  The way to gain a testimony is to learn for yourself, to pray sincerely, to act on what you know, and to listen for your answer.  It will come, it always comes. 
Well, the computer claims I have no time, so I'd better get off.  Follow all the truth you have and you will recieve the rewards.  Life goes so much smoother when we simply do what we know is true.
Have a great week!
Elder Robert Buss
P.S.  I'll get my travel plans in about ten days.

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  1. I saw Elder Buss this last Sunday. He's doing great and his Thai is going to be fantastic!