November 28, 2011

Take two

I had a nice, long email, but the computer died (hacked OS's aren't
very stable), so I'll give a super abridged version:

I just love it all!

People: The other missionaries are way nice. Positive, grateful,
kind. The people are even nicer. Never get treated roughly or even
close to it. I love the members. They are super nice. We've ended
up getting our meals from them the last couple days, except breakfast.

Food: I only planned on one meal, for thanksgiving a day late. We've
hadn't really had to cook for a couple days. Oh yeah, we also went to
the Kim's house for Thanksgiving. Super nice, American family.
American house, American thanksgiving food, talk of BYU, etc. Way
fun. It took forever to get there and back. Last night we were
surprised by getting fed from a recent convert family we were
visiting. Since people will want a description of the food: We had a
glass of florescent stuff. Anytime you go to another person's house
they will give you something to drink, it's really rude to not drink.
It was good. Not sure what to call it. Then there was these things
that were sort of like a crepe with cotton candy inside. Also, this
fruit. I honestly thought they were some sort of round mushroom when
I first saw them. And at first, it tasted bad, as it was really
different and unexpected. I thought it might have been rotted or
something. But then it wasn't odd, and was delicious. They pop into
two halves, each with a skin and a big seed inside. They were really
good. I ate a few more. For the main food, we had chicken, rice and
noodles, with stuff on top. It seems normal to have rice with stuff
poured on it. Really good, not that hot though. It was a greenish
brown, I don't know what it was. So there you have it.

Missionary work: I wish we didn't have so many appointments fall
through. People are really nice. Contacting door to door isn't that
stressful. No yelling, swearing. People will come out and talk for a
bit. Lessons are tricky. I can't understand their questions, or
their long discourses, so I have to do what I can. Fortunately, I can
say a lot, and I know the scriptures well. People will carefully
listen and try to understand. Everyone says I speak well, and
clearly. Granted, everyone is really nice, so it's probably not true.

Fun story: to get to one investigator's house, we had to take a taxi
to the shuttle to the bus. It took several hours, but he's great.
On the bus (wood floored) we ended up sitting between a monk and a
drunk. Yep. The rhyme only makes it better. So, I have this drunk on
my side, who is going off on whatever, then on the other end of the
row is a monk asking us questions and talking to us. Way fun. I
couldn't really understand the drunk, but I can sure act like I do. I
wish we weren't on the noisy back of the bus, as I couldn't really

Well, I've got crocodiles to see and food to get!

Elder Robert Buss

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