December 4, 2011

Food Extras

Things have reformed as far as food goes.  I was not going to find myself having spent my month's money by the 8th. (it isn't that uncommon  apparently)  Understanding budgeting, I worked out how much I've got each day, and it's totally do-able, but you can't eat farang food often.  I can get by if I spend less than 200฿ each day.  Farang food will have that gone really fast.  It's no cheaper here.  That's not enough for a small pizza, just enough for some things for one foreign meal.   Having spent time in Egypt with strict food restrictions, I know what you can safely eat. That money is enough for four kilos of oranges (safe because of peels), or several pounds of grapes (must be washed), etc.  Granted, only eating fruit will really mess you up. So, we've made our own rice (I know, cooking.). Off of 50฿ of potatoes (and unknown values of oil)  I got three meals of hashbrowns.  It takes more time, planning, etc.   We can get the people to make food to order and have Thai food for about 50฿ - plus our own rice.  Still, that does work for three meals, albeit very foreign (and hot and delicious) meals.   With fruit and hashbrowns for breakfast, damsang for lunch (a bag of thai food stuff to put on rice, it just means something like meal to order), and something else for dinner, I'll not be starving anytime soon.  Unless there isn't a fruit stand nearby :).  I plan on buying a bunch of damsang and keeping it in the fridge.  Yay for safe street food.

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