December 20, 2011

Snippets from Robert

  Christmas is such a stressful time.  Here it isn't very big.  YOu see some stuff, but it's not the same as a total atheist commercial takover of holiday cheer (and spending, remember, you can buy anything with money).  I do miss all the nativities we have set up and the different traditions.  They really are great.    This is my one real time to think about home.  The rest of the time I have other things.  Needless to say I answer if I miss home with a no. 
  Hanukkah starts tomorrow.  I'll be getting the candles and making the hannukiah today.  First Jewish holiday celebrated in Thailand.

  Unlike Christ, beggars and prostitutes are basically out of bounds for us to teach.  Some of the worst off people (also the rich in gated areas)  are those we can't find and teach.   Still. there are just so many people to talk to.  We'll never get it all done.  It is just sad to see.   E.S. hugged a drunk guy.  I just knew we had to get away from him, and shook his hand and walked off. From behind I could see that he and his buddy had something big on their waist.  Not sure if it was a gun or knife, but it was trouble.  Then again, the spirit always is right, and he was able to join me and walk off. Definately inspired to just walk on.  That's when I smelled the booze.  Won't visit that market at night again.
Submitted by Robert's Dad

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