January 9, 2012

"This week we will have a miracle."

That's just what I said during our weekly planning session for this last week.  It just came out of my mouth, I didn't think much of it. I said that there was no reason that we couldn't see a miracle this week if we di what we needed to.  At the time I outlined what we should do so that we would have a miracle, but I forgot about it during the week.

Last P-Day we went to muang boran - ancient city.  Some guy a while back got this Thailand shaped park and filled it with lakes, rivers, and  lots of cool stuff, and put it all where it goes in Thailand. So you see tons of Thailand's cool sites.  It's not the real thing, but it is very well done for what I expected.  It took all of our time, but was worth it.  It was expensive, we got in for the khon Thai price, we argue that we speak, read, and write Thai, we live in Thailand, we should get the price, we just read what it says in Thai.  It works a lot of the time. We rode around on ghetto bikes.  Really fun.

I also got a hair cut from a member, since my hair cutters don't work.  It was way too complicated.  I didn't need a freehand haircut with my hair washed twice, then touched up, etc.  I just want less hair.  She did a fantastic job though, and wouldn't let me pay.  No complaints here. 

Tuesday and Wed.  I was sick,  but hid it well.  No serious symptoms, just tired, headache, constant stomachache, no appetite, light fever.  We took it easy Tuesday, but still went out and worked, just not physically hard (taxi, not bike).  E.  Seymour was sick too, but it showed better, so I never had to tell him I felt the same. 

Wed.  We switched off, I stayed with the Zone-leader and went to Chonburi, but we got killed by terrible traffic, then a downpour at the place where we swap to a bus.  We were completely soaked.  My camera still works.  Let's just say that the interview happened, and we got home.  I didn't feel well, but the next day I felt better, we went out and worked hard and had a really effective day,  I learned a lot.  Elder Seymour spent that day sleeping.  (He's better now.)

So, Sunday.  We got to church, and everything was fine.  After church we found we didn't have a pair of pants that would fit for the baptism, so we ran and got those from the house.  The service was greath, and brother Da was baptised, it was a good day.  That evening we went out to find former investigators.  We took our bikes, and got there all right, we went north, then east for a long while, then back south a little.  But returning was not so easy.  No.  We wanted to find out how to get to the nearby neiborhood, we got directions and headed off.  At one point, we got to the intersection, and Elder Seymour decided he didn't want to go right according to our directions, he wanted to go left, which would take us east, and we needed to get back to the west, as well as our directions told us to turn as well.  After three protests from me, he just bolted off at breakneck speed, in the wrong direction.  I had to follow as best as I could. I was fuming. We needed to go maybe 10min to the west, not east.  And he was only occasionally in sight, on a staight road.  So, I went as fast as I could, for a really long ways.  About half an hour.  I couldn't turn from the road, or I'd loose E.S. for sure. So, just swearing in my head I flew along.  Finally we hit another road, where E.S. was waiting, going left, that is, North.  Exactly the wrong way.  He's never been over here on bike, let alone anything else, an it's long dark.  He's sweating like crazy, and says, "Elder Buss, I'm lost."  Duh.  So I said I knew where we were, and turnes us to the South, knowing we had to hit the main road, and we were too far north and east from home.  We went for a long ways, a really long way.  At this point we normally would be home, as we need to collect results from the district.   But instead we are who-knows-where, in an industrial area, with little lighting, few cars, and a terrible road. I lead us along, at our normal pace, until we finally hit the main road I knew we would reach.   We'd been biking for over an hour, and still were far from home. The sign posts put us frighteningly close to Chonburi, not Samutpragarn, our province.  (we were in our province still).   And we were way far from home still, because of our insane stretch in the wrong way.

We turn, headed West, to counter the long stretch in the wrong way.  Elder Seymour asked if we could stop and collect the district's results.  With half an hour left, I didn't dare stop, collecting results takes a long time, we wouldn't get moving until after we were supposed to be in. So we went on, and suddenly he passed me at that insane pace.  I only have so many gears and so big of legs, I'm too tired to go faster.  I yell at him, but he goes on, and I certainly can't catch up.  So I am alone on this road, many km away from home.  I watched over 60 streets pass, that I noticed for part of the way.  So I just bike on, and on, and on. I finally get past Muang Booran, which isn't that close to our house.  I haven't seen E.S. for over half an hour, I just keep going, it was really hard, I was exhausted, but praying I continued on and on.  I get to where we normaly are at, within a half hour from our house, and I relax a little.  I turn onto our road, about fifteen minutes after I should have been in, let alone I haven't even seen my companion for a long time.

I can't recall clearly, but I was driving on the side of the road, with my lights both on, front and back.  The side of the road has a lane or two of extra space, there is a good gap of space, the road just blends into gravel and dust. I had a huge carrier on the road, and lots of space between me and it, I was just about to get ahead of it.  I remember hearing an insane brake screech, just behind me, and the smell of burnt rubber.  I found myself standing, my bag on my side, not feeling jarred at all.  I was about three meters away from a taxi with dust billowing all around, my handle bars sticking out from underneath.

I  assured the driver I was just fine, pulled out my bike, and drove on off.  I recalled a line from my patriarchal blessing, "you have gaurdian angels ...[who will] keep you out of harms way."

Some people who must have seen it just stared at me, biking off with no problems at all.  I think the taxi must have been passing the carrier, which was several trailers long.  He hit the gas, came out around it, and suddenly found me.  So he slammed on his brakes.  I must have jumped off my bike (over my handlebars?), and been carried by my momentum for the distance, and he ran over my bike, which fell over sideways and thus escaped more than a couple scratches.  I couldn't have jumped much at all, as I was dead from all the biking, let alone over a bike without a moment to consier what I was doing.  I tried when I got home. Couldn't.  And I was on my feet, no dust at all on my clothes, surrounded by dust, I only could have landed on my feet. From a moving bike on uneven terrain, and I wasn't jarred.  It would have had to be a perfectly timed jump to land it. 

And it was a miracle.

When I got home, I remembered what I told Elder Seymour at the start of the week. 

"This week we will have a miracle."

It wasn't getting over being sick overnight (also was a miracle), or the baptism (that too). It was something that just doesn't happen, and it happened perfectly.  There are lots of little things that remind me that God really is over us, and loves us.  This is his work, and he watches over us.

Remember that God loves you.

Elder Robert Buss

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