January 2, 2012

Week ?

Thoughts on this week-

During switch-offs, I lead our area.  I lost my companion. That was bad.  We found each other in about 20 minutes.  Dim, busy streets far from home are a bad place to lose someone.  That night we killed a rat, we haven't seen any since.  They still are heard, when they venture forth again, another will fall. 

  I tried to make my favorite Thai food - Som Tum - but the peanuts turned out to be boiled and purple, the garlic was big and red, and the fish sauce was real (Meaning it had a incredibly nasty flavor, not just salty water with a hint of odd).  So it tasted absolutely bad.  I'll work on it, I plan on perfecting it so I can eat it at home.  The final problem was that I put in the normal number of peppers, but then half of everything else.  Please understand that Thai food can come hot.  Really hot.  For anyone who thinks the food is hot here, please realise unless you ask for it hot, they make it (relatively) super mild.  If you ask for it hot, they don't make it hot.  Trust me.  Not even close.  You have to ask for it hot, in Thai, and tell them you aren't a normal foreigner, then make sure they put in enough peppers.  I've had a couple times where I forgot and I got it not hot (not good), or ordinary farang hot (barely edible).  They  know you are a farang, and assume you can't eat hot.  I get it hot enought that despite the fact that Som Tum is a cold dish, my belly is quite warm. And my skin tingles around my mouth.  It's a whole new level of hot and deliceous.  You crush fresh peppers to start, so there is no hot wasted. It makes the super hot salsa seem weak.  And I love it.  And when I made it, it was twice as hot as normal.  It basically was covered in crushed seeds from the peppers.  And it was one of the nastyest things I've ever eaten. But it was nice and hot.

Well, New Years involves everyone going on vacation and staying with family.  Which is a cool tradition.  Also traditional amounts of alchohol (not allowed in Buddism, still consumed) and fireworks.  We were told to swap our study time to night.  We had an appointment, so we went out mid-studies, it was really close to our house, everyone was drunk or driving.  That appointment was canceled, no surprise.  Very few people at church too.  Hmmm.

Things are working out really well.

Elder Robert Buss.

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