February 6, 2012

I am a ninja.

This probably falls under the don't do dangerous stuff clause of the
rules. The doorknob broke to Elder Benjamin's bathroom. I thought it
was just locked, so I found a way in. Above the stairs. (What, out
of of hundred or so keys, none worked.) I used my toe strength to go
along the walls over there, then climb up. Getting down was worse,
because the floor was wet, the bathroom is narrow, and the floor was
wet. And the toilet was right below that opening. I got down using
the towel rack and my fingers on the lip of the tiles. Thank you
strength of my fingers. I knew it would be useful. Never thought I'd
lower myself down using a 1/4 in ledge and my fingers. Then it turned
out that the lock was broken, and couldn't turn. So I got the phone
thrown in to me (people need to know when I'm having so much fun. And
to see if they would believe I got in and then stuck.) Then I used a
paperclip to pick the bolt, and open the door. I love my skills.

Elder Benjamin forgot that the door can't be opened and closed it with
him inside. Fortunately I taped the bolt for him.

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