February 6, 2012

Professor Elder here,

One investigator calls me Professor Elder. I never have bothered
correcting it, as he is calling me Elder. Comes from teaching him in
English class. Fun days.
 I also am planning for the seasons. Namely, I want to get transferred to somewhere cold
(relative), because we're approaching the hot season, and I don't want anything to do with it. I wake up with a cold face (exposed to the air) in the morning from our air conditioner, and that's just at
regular US room temperature (really cool). I'll die during a real winter. It's hard to imagine that it is cold in the US right now. Really weird to think about it.

So, here's what sort of fruit I've eaten (no real order, I tried to
find the English names) Roseapple, rambotan, Mangosteen, Persimmons,
Jackfruit, Dorrian, Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Coconut, Farang (maybe
Asian pear, it's round and green, and not sweet. Yes, same
pronunciation as farang=foreigner,. which leads to jokes.) Oranges,
bananas, watermelon. I love it. There has been at least one or two
others that I don't know the names of.
Every time I make corn on the cob I want to call mom as if she was on
errands and ask how long to cook it for. Thais make it by microwaving
corn over a bowl of water, it's not nearly as good. Food with Elder
Benjamin is about the same as always. I eat vegetarian, so I'm always
weird. Speaking of which, I think there is a rumor in the branch that
something bad happens to me if I eat meat. Not sure how that popped
up from a simple: "I don't eat meat." I mean, if for some weird
reason I started eating meat, I'm sure it would mess me up. I don't
think going off a vegetarian diet cold turkey is healthy. Funny.
As far as thinks with Elder Benjamin go, everything is just great. I
love him. It's be nice to move areas, a lot of people say that moving
from their first area really helped them, but I'd want to take Elder
Benjamin with me if I leave next moves. He's awesome.
I'm telling you, Elder Holland has a talk on the Book of Mormon. He
quoted his grandfather "no wicked man could write it, and no good man
would write it." Something like that.
I realized that this week I'll hit the 6mo mark as a missionary. That's weird.
Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that the end of July is popular.
It is a great time to enter this earth I'll have you know. Tell them
I'm willing to share my birthday if needs be. There's always room for
more on the 31st. Speaking of Harry Potter's birthday, I found Harry
Potter in Thai. I'll have to pick up a copy before I leave Thailand.
For now I don't want to carry it around for my mission.

One of my nongs (from the MTC) said that I am "an Old Testament kind
of guy. And by Old Testament I mean you are a Jew. And by guy I mean
Elder." Yep. Not the first time I've been called a Jew. I love the
Jewish people. Still following along in the Torah reading, and
waiting for Purim, the next holiday I'll celebrate. It's not an
unfounded statement. [One ward member said it would be cool if I
married and Israeli. Probably comes from me talking about Old
Testament doctrinal concerns of hers.]
Is there a really popular song that contains the lyrics "we fell in
love in a hopeless place?" I've heard it a lot here, and it gets
stuck in my head. I'm curious if it's from the US and just got
popular here.

On other randomness from this week, a member talked to me about
homeopathy, and a Dr. Samuel C. West. Could you look this up for me?
I'm curious what it is. Never really read up on what homeopathy is,
let alone some specific research. Always learning more. Great quote
from that conversation: "Do you know the Juice Man?" Nope. No clue.
Great Quote.
I am very grateful for spell check. My ability to spell while typing
is lowering a lot without the practice from school. Or speaking
I love how at the end of the first chapter of PMG they have a bunch of
quotes. I love how one prophet said that missionary work is just
home-teaching to non-members and home-teaching is just missionary work
to members. So true. I am convinced if home-teaching went well here,
we would have strong units. Same anywhere. It's a big part of how we
make a Zion community. I could go on for a long time about how
crucial home teaching really is.
Everyone have a terrific week!
Elder Robert Buss

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