February 14, 2012

Week 13

This week I tried to cut my own hair with scissors (this word cannot be spelled.)   Even with nice hair cutting scissors it is basically impossible.  However, then offending hairs around my ears are indeed vanquished.  I have no idea how I can do anything else.  I tried, it didn't work.  (I look just fine, it just took forever to get it to work, and I don't have that kind of patience to try again.)

What in the world do the symbols on the dime mean?  I looked at one and realised I never learned such. 

This week I officially finished the training.  Kind of cool.   Also hit six months as a missionary. 

Some days I am tempted to buy an idol and mail it home.  But I'd have to deface it first, because it is an abomination.  I want to show people what they are like, but they are a sin to have.  Let alone I have no idea how much they are, and it looks bad for a missionary to investigate idols.   Not even sure what kind.  There's lots of sorts.  I think I'll have an Idolatry lesson on Wednesday.  Should be fun.  I might even use the Old Testament.  Who hear knows about Jeraboam and the fall of Israel?

Hey, Everyone, I live right about here:

Not exactly sure, and the image is out of date, but I'm pretty sure that's the right street, and about the right house.  So, now everyone can know.  We're going to look for a new house today.  Yep.  That really is how it works.  We find it, they approve and do the paperwork. 

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