March 5, 2012


Alright, so, according to prophecy, I did indeed move.  I was really down about leaving Elder Benjamin, I love him.  He's so good.  So, I moved out on Thursday.  Sort of.  We rode in a member's truck to a house we moved out of over the next few days. 

Now I am in Lopburi - Monkey City.  It's got this wat with thousands of monkeys running around.  It's a couple miles away from our house, so I haven't been yet.  They speak the same type of Thai as Bangkok, and are a few hours north of Bangkok.  It's a lot more small town like.  Pretty big, but also pretty low.  No taxis, we just use our bikes, or song tao's.  Everyone is more relaxed.  I hardly believed what our rent was.  I forget that I was living in part of a big city.  Less than half the price.  Prices for everything else are the same, so I'm not saving any money.  We've got clean air, lots of empty lots and areas that are all green.  We even have some mountains within sight.  I love the mountains, even if they are small and far away.  They are nice and green, which wasn't normal in my last area.  

Samut Prakarn was basically all city like for me.  I love it here.  Our new house that we just moved into is really sweet.  It used to be a missionary home, until it needed some repairs on the foundation, but now we're back.  The landlord is way nice and looks out for us.  He even repainted the whole house (we didn't care for death neon pink, white and red-brown are so much nicer.).  All the old stuff was still there, so we have two of everything - two washers, fridges, etc.  We get to take the best and leave the rest.  It's way awesome.  It's all clean, it's got windows galore, the AC is good.  We even have two fridges (I like this merging house deal) and a convection oven (nobody has an oven in this mission, so I feel great about it, except I didn't bring any oven recipes.)

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