March 18, 2012


This transfer is already going by, I suspect it will just disappear in a few days.  It's really good to be busy.  When I get home I'll be crazy busy really fast.  I've got so much stuff to plan and figure out.  Nice thing is I don't have to care right now.  This transfer we have to work out at least two more exchanges (Elder LeSueur is a district leader, I'm on my second exchange already, in yet another area), as well as helping everyone prepare to be baptized.  Honestly, I'm stepping into an area right before a good number.  Right now we have seven people with a date to be baptized.  

This last week we got to help the Branch president set up home teaching.  Really cool.  Both of us felt that if the branch did, we'd double our number of members at church each week.  This week we finally had 50 people.  If we get 80 consistently we can get our own church instead of a rental, which he really would like, along with everyone else.  Home teaching just never has been done.  He had no idea how it worked at all.  It's going to help the branch so much.  We helped him understand how it worked, why it is so important, and then worked out the companionships.  In the next week we'll help him finish it up and then help the priesthood to do it.  I suspect that it's fairly standard in Thailand to not really have home teaching working.

So, Sunday was just great.  Lots of members and investigators at church, we had a baptism, then got two more daters (investigators with a date to be baptized).  And we finally forced in some time to plan for next week.  And left for Ayutthaya, which is in our district and serves as a nice step for going to Bangkok.  Spent the night over, then went to a zone sports activitiy.  I played ping pong then dodge-ball (with softballs).  Really fun.  It's also Elder LeSueur's birthday (every companionship I've ever been in has had a birthday.  Only one MTC companion didn't have a birthday.  Kind of odd).  Since I knew about the free meal deal at Sunrise Tacos on your birthday, and since we were in Bangkok for the day, we went and called up some other missionaries and members that he's friends with and ate out.  We progressively pushed more and more tables together as people came.

I was thinking about how room temperature here is 25 degrees.  It feels nice and cool.  We're going into the hot season.  Sweat literally runs down your face.  So crazy, I have no idea how hot it really is outside.  I like being on my bike since it gives a good breeze.  I go at my bike's top gears like it's nothing these days, I've just got used to it.  I could pedal faster, but I like just moving along, no need to get tired, because the heat just sucks it out of you if you do.  You really have to be careful about drinking enough water.   

I've had a lot of lessons and other things that have been spirit filled this last week.  My favorite thing is to teach with the spirit. 

Monkeys are so much fun.  I've not stooped to the level of touching them - if you get bit you get a long series of nasty shots in Bangkok, which is doubly painful.  All you have to worry about is withholding food from them - they will really get mad if you do.  However, if you don't touch them, you'll get to watch hundreds of monkeys.  We use a van right next to the monkey wat to head to Ayutthaya or to Bangkok.  

Well, we're running late already, I've got  to go.


Elder Robert Buss

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