March 12, 2012

He decided to try being vegetarian with me.

Just for a day.  He has been trying to eat less red meat.  

This particular dish wasn't terrific.  We did have some bami the other day that was really good.  I got extra peanuts instead of meat.  Fairly regular practice for me.  Because I'm vegetarian, I have a lot less options as far as food goes, I do have new stuff that people come up with that doesn't have meat.  I don't see it as anything hard, but from going to lots of meat to none is a trick.  From little to none is easy. 

Maybe it's because I think that vegetables and rice is a meal, or a bunch of fruit alone.  

I never thought rice was a breakfast food.  I've done it a number of days, it's cool.  Just don't like waiting for it to cook.

---End of Random Thoughts on Food---

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