March 19, 2012

     Regarding zone:  They are native Asian, not westerners , one isn't native (not sure where he's from, he's waiting on a visa for Australia), the rest are either Thai, Lao, or Burmese. Mostly Thai.  Yeah, I love our Khon Thai missionaries, they are all so great.  The one Burmese missionary is the first Elder from Myanmar ever.

     I have the minor issue of being vegetarian, so I don't have the full complement of Thai dishes.  I love curries (I need to figure out this red pineapple curry), fried rice (which I've started making) and of course, Som Tum.  I like it when it has peanuts.  Honestly, I don't know the names of most the foods, as they differ on account of meat.  I've had bamii and gwitsiaw too, both are good noodle dishes, especially when you pour in the red pepper.  And a little sugar.  The sesame seeds are good.  I've started making brown rice at home, I really like the flavor.  Someone left it behind.  See the news later on.

     I don't get much juice, it's relatively expensive.  I did by some soy milk for this week.  Not my favorite, but good.  My tastes are changing.  I'm willing to eat a lot more stuff,  excepting meat.  Still not a huge vegetable lover, but I eat a lot more.  And tons of rice.  

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