April 4, 2012

Ancient Computers

the shift key doesn't work at the current place, so please forgive the terrible lack of capitols.  also the lack of pictures, these computers are old and don't have a usb port.  i could use a sd-floppy converter.  not that such actually exist. Hey, if I really slam on the space, it works.  except with my pinky finger I can't without it hurting.  such is life.

i didn't even realize that it was pi day.  i did eat pie this week, so i think it counts for celebration, because i don't normally eat pie.

elder lesueur is really good at getting people baptised,  this transfer will be busy, as will the next.  no shortage of people to teach.  the branch is super nice, they help out whenever we ask.

so, while we were moving a couple weeks back, the icebox got time to thaw out a little bit.  and as they were to the chatting after work is done phase, i made a snowball and threw it.  q had no idea what it was, so he blocked it with two hands.  a perfect block for a solid object, but it just caused my snowball to explode.  next thing from his mouth was a 'what was that!!??"  it's the hottest part of the year right now, and for someone who never has seen a snowball it was quite the surprise.

one of our investigators showed us this huge weed plant that he has been growing for fun.  it wasn't there when we went back.  not sure what that means.

i've had a fantastic week.  a lot of revelations.  which means i've got a lot to work on.  for life.  but, it's been really great.  i feel like i understand so much more and am doing a lot better.  i really had some studies that were divinely guided that were just wonderful.

one thing i had from this week is that it is really important how we keep our callings.  think about the prophet and everything he does to keep his calling.  that's magnifying our calling, and that's what we all need to be doing.

elder buss

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