April 16, 2012

The mission wants to do more stuff with family history, they have requested us to get more family stories.  Could you send me a copy of Robert Pixton's Autobiography?  And maybe some other stories as well.  Whatever works for you.  I can't really find easy options for printing, internet cafe's seem to be for gamers, so I'll need them in hard copies.   I'm really excited for seeing what they are going to have us do.  I've always wanted to use family history, but I've never had a family history center or anything like it to work from.  It'll be really cool to use the power of families to invite people to learn.

I don't have any stories of missionary work since we couldn't do too much of it this last week.  Nothing stands out from it.  I've been thinking a lot about helping recent converts.  It's like the cities that Moroni always was fighting for.  In Alma 59.9 it talks about retaining cities.  Recent converts are just the same way.  Too often we don't put in the effort to keep them strong.  I've only ever heard that people liked meeting with the elders.  It's not like we can't meet with them, we just put investigators over recent converts to the point that converts never get taught.  I happened to be with the Zone leaders when the presented the information to the stake president,  it's really alarming.  I'm still pushing for home teaching to get finished, helping the branch mission leader go and teach recent converts (these are the best ways to help fellowship and strenthen recent converts, it's all about the members), while going and teaching myself to then be able to transition them over to the branch leadership.

Rain here is intense.  I was out in one storm for two steps and the time it takes to open a car door and was soaked.  I've yet to get hit by a real storm while on my bike.  Just sprinkling.

Ehud.  I read about him within this last month, one of the many interesting stories in Judges.  I'm in 2Sam4.  David and his politicking.  I figure I'll finish the entire standard works as a missionary, no sweat.  I've already read most of everything as a missionary.

Oh!  I don't know if I ever told you.  I had this thought that with the right habits you don't need to sleep as much.  It has been working for over a month.  I go to bed at 10:30 and then get up at 5:50.  Lately I've been getting to bed earlier, so I can then get up earlier.  I don't miss the 40min of sleep, and It's sustainable.  Thus I am able to get in time before 6:30 to study the bible and just get things done.  When my companion comes down I go up and do yoga, shower, eat, and do to-do items/study according to the schedule.  Getting up is not one of the hard things for me.  Morning is the best time for studies.  Just more awake and invigorated.  Sounds like Section 88 has some truth to it.

I was thinking yesterday about how blessed I am to have all the experiences I've had.  I've been able to see the OT, NT, as well as church history from east to west.  Not many people can say that they have seen such first hand, especially in such depth.  It just adds a little something for when you read about it.  I'm also really glad for all the studying I did before my mission.  Daily scripture study is a commandment, and we work so hard to help people to just do it.  I'm glad that I've been keeping it for a long time, the fruits are not lacking.

I'll be home two years and three weeks after I left for the MTC.  That works out for me coming back right at the very beginning of September 2013.  :)  Plenty more time here.  There's more than enough to do.

Well, I'll be off.

Elder Robert Buss

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