April 16, 2012


Here's how it worked.  We stood in front of the church with some members.  We have a hose, barrels of water with buckets (later on we got ice in the barrels), and guns.  People drive by and you attack.  At the same time, people ride in the back of trucks with barrels, buckets and guns to attack.  Way fun, but pretty peaceful.  Then we went into the real fun.  Nearby, there is a street where everyone congregates.  People walk up and down it, while trucks are packed in as well. You are always getting sprayed, having water thrown at you and people saying things.  Moreover, people walking have chalk mixed with water which they smear on everyone's faces.  So, we walked for a couple hours in this street while getting smeared with chalk paste, totally drenched.   Some people use ice water.  When your gun runs out, you just borrow someone's hose and fill it up.  When your chalk runs out, you just buy some more and add water, since it's dirt cheap.

We went with most of the young men and young women of the branch.  Generally middle aged people don't play, they get boring.  So we went from one end to another.  Really fun, but you do have to be careful.  There is a lot of drinking going on.  I had a guy try to kiss me, Elder Hess had a lady try to force feed him beer (she then just threw it on us).  It's insane, there is no way to take pictures of it.  And it lasts for three days.  We play the first day, then worked the second.  Sort of.   Rules change a little, so we have to be in really early (lots of drunks), but we can wear non-missionary shoes. Sunday everyone got to see the sandals that I made, in church.  We still would get attacked with water as we biked all over.  I biked with my gun until it broke.   

What a great sort of holiday do accompany the hottest days of the year.

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