April 30, 2012


These are my Zone leaders -  Elder "Milo" and Elder Bender.  We switched off this week.  Oddly enough, I had already met the people in three of our four lessons together.  We walked a lot and talked a lot.  We got to this one place by taxi, then speedwalked out for over an hour.  Well worth it, the investigator was so awesome.  We also taught a couple that were Laman and Lemuel.  Eerily the same in every way.  Like their Book of Mormon counterparts, they didn't respond to well to Nephi's words.  It did mean that first Nephi was the solution to everything they said.  Fortunately they had a sister who walked in and seemed a lot more promising.  The only bad part of it all is how long it takes to get back to Bangkok.  Elder Hess basically lost a day to travel to switch back.

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