May 4, 2012


Well, there is the option of all hot days, none of the Utah indecisiveness.  And biking.  This week we had a couple days where we biked for hours in the afternoon.  We have to drink two liters of water before heading out, which I think is a bit silly.  As I'm not a camel, I just rinse my kidneys all throughout studies, with no more water actually in my body from the second liter of water.  However, once you start going outside, the heat just takes all the water you may have chanced to retain and leaves you empty.   I'm sure someone will get dehydrated severely from it.  It doesn't take long to start.  Fortunately everyone gives you water when you sit down with them, regardless of the season.  Thus the solution to dehydration can be teaching more people.

We have a frog that somehow always gets into Elder Hess's shoes.  I've also seen an increase of lizards in our house.  I also finally figured out why there are no bugs in a non-bug-proof house.  Elder Hess keeps on killing the whiptail scorpions before I can see them.  They have yet to figure out a way to get into our house.

I've read up to Mosiah 7 in Thai.  Just 500 pages left.  My comprehension has really improved in the last couple months. (This week I had an investigator read me a couple verses out of Isaiah, which I understood, then was able to expound without ever looking at them.)  I like to read a page, underline things, as well as mark words in pencil that I don't know.  Then I return and look up the words I want to know, and write the meanings in.  Over the following pages I will also write in a simple definition of these same words to help me remember them.  I also keep my English copy handy so that I can make sure I understand everything right, as well as look up some words.  (Many words I prefer to look up in Thai to get the full sense of the word and it's roots and derivatives.)  Needless to say I feel like my Thai is progressing well.  My goal is to finish the Book of Mormon before I get to my year mark.  Then I'll buy myself the nice triple in replacement for my current floppy one.  It's good motivation, as I've been wanting it my entire time as a missionary.  I don't appreciate superglueing my scriptures about once a week.  At least it's better than metal plates.

We've started inserting inviting (door to door) into our schedule.  A number of our investigators have been hard to meet with.  Although it's not the most efficient thing, it is more about faith and hard work than most anything else.  I've been surprised to see how long it's been since I've done so (not good, you should always invite a little each week) but It's also shown me how far I've come.  I understand all sorts of things that people say, and 
I've finally realized how ridiculous a lot of it really is.  It's hard to yell into someone's house and have them understand how important our message is.  If they understood they wouldn't have to try so hard to give excuses.    I've also talked with a few westerners this last week, I feel like people really don't understand what the Thai people are like until they can speak Thai.  People present themselves very differently even if the can speak English. Only by speaking in their tongue do you start to see who they are.  It had to be interesting to be the first six to open Thailand.  The LDS vocabulary wouldn't exist.  I think we started off with two members though.

Next week is looking better still!

Elder Robert Buss

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