May 8, 2012

Week 25 in Thailand

I feel like there is too much bad news in the family.  Everyone gets sick.  I hope missionary prayers count for something special.  Grandpa just needs some hot Thai food.  It'd make him want to eat.  So good.  My lips were quite red the other day.  I also sort of inhaled a bit of the juice and nearly died.  Spicy doens't belong in your lungs.  Or nose.  I had to wash  my nose when some steam got in it.  Stupid delicious peppers.  This last fast sunday I wished I'd gotten a five minute block.  Fasting takes away all my charity towards other people, I kept my attention half on the sciptures, because someone was bound to do something that is really irritating.  Sure enough, some stuff went down, but I just read so I didn't think about it.  Magic how that works.  I think I lost a kilogram or so from fasting, and I still drank a couple glasses of water so that I wouldn't get too dehydrated.  Elder Hess lost even more.  I really hope that Grandpa gets feeling better.

That rain has yet to come.  Rain like that is how it is here.  Really hard, and lots of water.  That's why there is flooding.  I  think that the rainy season will start this month and go for several more.   I may need to buy new shoes afterwards, as the rain is known to kill things.

I have been moving and changing around just about as fast as is still sane (No, my time here so far is not normal, but not unheard of).  The usual is to have 3-4 moves in an area and change companions once (two companions per area).  Two moves in an area is still fairly common.  I've never stayed still though, and I like it that way.
This moves is strange, either I move again, thus never staying anywhere very long, or I move when Elder Hess dies the next moves (whitewashing the area), or I stay here for a long time and take on a third companion here.  I don't really care for any of the options, but I'd take on all the change that I can get.  I dont' know if I can stand staying somewhere for long, but I do love Lopburi.  Despite that, I'd rather move sooner than later.  I enjoy getting to know new companions and areas  The first time for both was a bit intimidating, but since then it's become fun. 

This week we had switchoffs, and I got to spend my time here in Lopburi with Elder B.  He's been here for just three weeks.  By the end of the switch off I was really astonished to see that I have become what I remember being impressed by, in every aspect.  Improvement is very satisfying.  It was fun to be the only person talking most the time.  I feel like it was really easy, I never had much of a trouble doing it all, but it is tiring to basically single-handedly run the area for a couple days.  I'm not sure how long I could maintain it.

We put a lot of investigators 'on the shelf' this week.  They just haven't been progressing, and are stopping us from using our time for people who are ready to recieve the gospel.  It's a bit sad to do, because it means  a lot more work in the upcoming weeks, lots of empty time going door to door as we build up our pool again.  It does make planning such a breeze.  No stressing about people that just aren't going anywhere.

I had this random less active's phone number in my planner, we called him, taught him that day about the law of chastity, then took him to teach with us right after.  He is so cool!  Oddly enough, he doesn't remember ever seeing us here in Lopburi, and has been in the South, where there is no church, for years.  Somehow we must have meet him and got his number, without any of us remembering.  I have not met someone I have been more interrested to get to know since the MTC.  It's interresting how such things work out.

I've been doing really well.  There's been a number of good experiences this last week - from having a greenie try to teach a super buddist woman (it takes practice to know how to react) to having the Elders Quorum president introduce the law of chastity and the word of wisdom - before the prayer.  After the prayer it only got worse.  Needless to say, we will have some apologies and a lot of questions to answer in the following lessons.  I just hope it made her more  interrested in the church.  He said lots of interresting things for sure.  Something had to have caught her interrest.

One of the members turns out to have fasted three days until she got an answer if it was true.  Really neat, didn't expect that going into a lesson on fasting, but it sure worked out.

I hope everyone is well!


E. Robert Buss

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