June 4, 2012

Stressful week.

I've been wanting to take this picture for ages.  So today I just pulled over, then got it.  It's just this little stone monkey statue on the side of the road - in front of an empty lot.  No idea why it's there, but I'm glad it is.

I've not had a stressful week at all.  Things are kind of slowly moving along.  It rained almost every night - and will continue to do so for months.  We're about to baptise another investigator - after that we're really in a jam.  We still have people, but not enough to keep us very busy.   We need more new investigators, but nobody has been sticking lately.  We got a lot of recent convert lessons though, and a couple referrals.  Member referals are the most likely group of people to get baptised, which is great.  We'll get this area moving faster soon.  This week we had eight more lessons than last week.  We just need to get more investigators!

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