July 31, 2012

Birthday in Thailand

I will be an evil bicyclist in the States.  Traffic laws are not the same (or are not applied).  Speaking of such, there has been a remarkable lack of near misses here!  Maybe Elder Susi won't have to see an amazing miss.  I  have been totally safe on the road the entire time here.  Odd. 

I'm not sure what all to write.  Our week was really good.  We had zone conference, which was awesome.  We had three people accept commitments to be baptized, two with a date.  We finally are seeing things turning out in our area.  There still is so much more to do though.  We have very few investigators, and just haven't got everything in the right position yet.  We had some really good experiences in our companionship and have improved in several aspects of our labors.  And while inviting I ate a bug.  Elder Susi still can't get over the fact that his vegetarian companion ate a bug.  I reasoned that I'd never tried it before.  I try things, but I can't say I like them that often.  This is good if my future wife likes trying cooking lots of new things, while I am still satisfied with a few staple foods.  I'm not sure if this counts as improvement.  Although last week I did eat something new each day just because I wanted to find something good.  That was fun.  I haven't added anything into my regular dishes.  Still the same ones.  I only find a new staple every couple months.

Speaking of food, Elder Susi can't stand my cooking.  He won't enter the kitchen while I cook.  The air is too strong for him.  At least I won't get into a "I can eat things that can burn your skin" type of contest with him.  (I really have had my food burn my skin because it was so spicy.)

The trouble isn't getting activities approved.  Unless it's against the rules, it's OK.  Not that hard.  However, sometimes finding them is hard.  The best I've heard of here is monkeys  (already one case of monkey bite, and the warning was given.  Not even a month either.  Not that I'm afraid of monkeys.  I'm now fully immune.)  And maybe reading palm leaves at the college.  Yeah, life is hard. 

Speaking of fruits, I found yet another one.  It is basically like a golf ball sized apple.  It tastes just like a green apple. Not sure what it is.  The dictionary doesn't have it.

I feel like this is the best part of my mission so far.  I really get to put in my best, and see how it really is.

Elder Robert Buss

P.S.  I'm excited for my birthday.  I think I'll buy myself a blue tooth because I get really sick of holding the phone with all the phone calls.  With pizza and ice cream.  And I'll eat my dark hazel nut chocolate.  And drink the grape juice.  As if being a missionary stops birthdays being fun.  We'll see what we can convince the English class to do.  Yeah.  This will be fun.

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  1. My son, Elder Slaughter just did splits with your son this week. What a great mission! -- Carolynn Slaughter http://elderslaughter.tumblr.com/