July 23, 2012

New Area

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yeah, I think a lot of missionaries would rather take cash than a package. The horror of how much it cost to get such a battered, broken box to us ruins most of the joy that comes from recieving the box.  I'd say I'll use it to go and see cool things, but I don't believe in paying.  This last week I went and visited a lot of really cool places for free!  Kudos to the member that was friends with the ticket people all over the city.  However, there are plenty of good things I can do with it.  Like mangosteen.  It must not import well, I've never seen it in the states.  It is so delicious.  A member will be giving me some tomorrow.  I'll find something.  I just don't know what that is here yet.

Speaking of locations, I have news!  Monday night we called our
leaders and asked for early warning on moves - because of our strange threesome, our wish was granted, giving me time to dash to Lopburi to pack.  I feel way bad about leaving so suddenly, having been out of my area, then never returning.  However, I got a clear reassurance that this was what was right, so I haven't looked back.  The whitewashing Elders are doing well, they call me everyday, and said everyone - investigators and members - has been asking about me.  Oddly enough, my replacement is the same Elder that replaced me in the past.  I'm being followed.

After leaving, I was pretty ready for moves.  Two days later, I was sitting in the meeting with the same crowd I've always sat with.  Elder Staten, Elder Crawley, and I, Elder Buss, have sat together every moves meeting I've been to.  Really fun to catch up on their lives, then have President Senior's first moves meeting.  It was everything I worried it wouldn't be.  He knew everyone's names, the areas, and nicknames about areas.  Instead of reading it off amidst joy and clapping, he added in a powerpoint with pictures, making it even more exciting.  I raised up the area book when he called out Lopburi, he commented on that.  He's way fun.  And the fateful moment came.

มหาสารคาม (Mahasarakam)!  Elder Buss and Elder Susi! we stand up and bam!  I was so happy.  You see, I've known Elder Susi since the MTC. He is a couple groups behind me, I met him as I was leaving.  He is from Farmingtom, UT.  And is just fun to be around.  We were so happy. It means I'm now senior companion, and out in the East.  And it still just feels right.  I've been getting a lot of revelation on how to help the work here progress, I definately was specifically called to serve here and now.

So far, it's not that different.  I expected the Easan (East) to be really different, but it's still Thailand.  Nothing special.  I'm right in the middle of the east, where they speak a dialect that is very close to Lao.  If you speak to people in Thai, they speak back in Thai.  However, they also have their own country dialect that is way crazy.  I started learning from the members after chuch as I showed off my ability to make the signature Easan food - SomTum.  They were doubly impressed that I could make it, as well as eat it really hot.  Hotter than several people who tried it could eat.  I taked with people at every chance.  Very good start to my relationship with everyone here.

Not only that is good, but Elder Susi and I get along incredibly well.  Everyday has been filled with productive stuff, and we (at least I am) are always having fun.  Best days of my mission. I've got some ambitious goals to learn the area this week, and he has been fantastic in supporting me.  We've been starting a long term plan for setting this area on fire.  Everything is running along smoothly.

Today we're getting everything ready for this week.  Since my first day in the house, I've been cleaning out, and moving in.  This house might even please Grandma Beckstead by the time I leave it.  This morning I was on hands and knees scrubbing the mold out of m bathroom.  Today will be mopping and washing the walls.  I've come to really appreciate having a clean house.  I left the last two areas with a nice, clean, orderly house, and I'll get this one to that point within a couple weeks.  Once the house is clean and in order, it makes getting the rest of life in order much easier.  And get this - the upstairs is all wood, making it like a cabin.  It appears to be one of the 50-50 houses.  The house is a traditional wood Thai house on stilts, with a cement and tile downstairs.  We study upstairs,  it's
so cool.

We've been running around picking up the pieces of the area.  The
previous Elder was a bit overyly anxious to move areas.  I've been getting to know everyone.  One of the first investigators I met I felt like should be committed to baptism.  He now has a date.  Really cool reporting on it at night, as my district leader felt the same thing,but didn't commit him because it wasn't his area.  I've been meeting people left and right.  We've been running everywhere talking to people and getting appointments set up.  The next couple days are basically packed.

Life is better than ever.  It's all going and moving along.

Elder Buss

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