July 24, 2012

Puzzle Rings

July 23, 2012

I don't know what to do for P-Day but missionary preparation stuff.  I rarely have time to read it anymore though, as I read Preach My Gospel and the scriptures in Thai.  Also the Gospel Principles book.  I'll be teaching next week.  

Sarakam is a great place.  We have extremely few investigators, and everything isn't running very well.  It's a lot of work, I plan and pray a lot more than I ever have.  It's slow going, but there is a lot that I expect to hapen over the next few months. 

I've cleaned and repaired things around the house (this afternoon is additional dusting/washing mold off the walls/caulking the study room.  I'm proud to say that the second toilet now works, as well as both of the AC units are much better since I cleaned them.  The new office chair is divine.  The plastic one that wobbles when even I sat on it was really getting old.  I also mopped the house this last week.  I plan on leaving the house a lot better than I found it, and it wasn't even that bad.

We now have a basic/advanced English class, a display on the gospel, orientation on how it works, as well as this week we'll start passing out little fliers, as well as posting signs at some of the local universities.  Also this week we'll try to teach a couple people from English class.  Next week we should have our third teacher back as well.

Yesterday we started going door to door.  I have been looking for a neiborhood with families for ages, but I can't seem to find one.  So I just used some faith and went on a random street, not judging where I was.  The first three people I saw I talked to, and I taught right then.  After that I had other things to do, plus I'd only asked to teach two lessons.  I plan on continuing doing so, just for the sake of hard work and faith.  (The third man had on a ring much like my puzzle ring I got from Parker.  I told him so, and he told me to prove it. He was thoroughly pleased when I then solved his ring, which followed a similar pattern.  Thanks Parker!)

I have been teaching active members in order to start good relationships and find referrals.  We recieved several, one who we contacted and is very ready.  I guess that previous elders weren't trusted with her, she is openly interested.  That was great.  We also are teaching all our recent converts.  (I have discovered about five others that we didn't know about.  One we visited, and she was great!  I totally think she'll be back to church this week.  We'll be serving on their farm next week.)

We've been through dozens of formers as well, and everything else.  I feel like my efforts are indeed all that I can do.  I am still waiting to see where all this effort will take us. (No increases in investigators with a baptism date, at sacrament meeting, or progressing is really worrying.  Those are the things that show that over all the area is progressing.  I expect to see the increases this next couple weeks.  I can't restart an area from nothing and expect an instant tree from my seeds) Hopefully to the people God is preparing.

Well, everything is great.  I'm getting a lot better at Thai, and everything else.  Lots to do.

Elder Buss

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