September 1, 2012


Let's see.  Longsuffering is an attitude.  I've had a odd transfer.  In reflection, it was both the most fun, and the hardest, for the same causes.  I have never been so stressed, and it wasn't even becoming senior comp.  That was the easiest part.  However, there was some adverse stuff I had to deal with that challenged my views and my faith.  I found myself putting my whole heart into things (lots of things) that I didn't see what came of it.

  I prayed long and hard fequently.  I was honestly sick of answeres to prayers, being told I was doing things as I should, and that the lack of visible changes was, in fact, His own doing.  There is a trial of faith at that point.  I'd have rather gotten the answer that I was doing something wrong, so I could fix it, and get what I was trying for.  Then at the end of the day, just seeing that nothing is better.  Having felt the spirit powerfully as I talked, but nothing ever happened.  Pushing and pushing and pushing.  I hit a few brick walls when I, and God, had nothing else to give.  We had done our part together.  At that point it seems so hopeless.  When God even accepts that this is indeed the limit, that anything farther lies in the agency of man.  It built me like nothing else ever has.

I had fun, and learned a lot.  Hey, we even got a baptism this last weekend!  I've got lots of insights in my journals, and a stronger spirit. I've been promised "peace in this place," amongst other things.  I feel like some of the barriers placed in my way are no longer in effect, and I can now put my efforts in, and see the rewards.  And is there ever effort to put in.

Let alone I've recieved one of the best blessings of my mission:  Elder Wood.

Elder Wood is from St. George, Utah.  His family is currently in Springville.  He plays the Violin, and likes art.  He's way good at Thai (for where he is at), and has a fantastic attitude; I'd call him meek.  He is much bigger than I am, which makes it all the funner that I am his Pa.  Yep.  I'm training. 

I love it so much.  He is in for a ride, as we bike all over and work hard.  And he loves it.  I'm introducing all the food that I know (including things with meat.  Well, at least eggs.)   Hey, he even was happy to clean the house with me today.  Our house is shining.  While Elder Susi packed, I cleaned.  It involved mopping on hands and knees.  Grandma would indeed be proud.  There still is still work.  I'm teaching just about 24/7 on how to be a missionary, the language, culture, and country.  He is just fantastic.  He even was willing to do, well just about anything.

He was asked if he wanted his SomTum hot. He said yes of his own free will.  It was indeed a whole new level of spicy.  My was as well, as I misunderstood that she was starting someone else's batch, and I threw in double peppers.  So I had her throw the peppers into mine, putting mine at three handfuls.  That is a lot.  Over seven times the Thai normal.  I finally admitted defeat at about halfway and stopped eating it.  Hottest ever for sure. 

I do missionary work in so many ways. Yay.  Sorry I've not got pictures yet.  I still haven't got a new card reader.  I wish I could show everyone Elder Wood and the latest baptsim.  What a great way to welcome someone into the mission.

I love training so much.  My child is wonderful, and is learning fast.  Training lasts for twelve weeks, I hope I'll be with him for all of it. 

Well, I am doing better than ever!  Surprising that it's even possible.  No time to say more!

Love you,

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