September 1, 2012


It's really strange to be out over half way into my mission.  It still hasn't hit me.  I figure I can't worry until l'm half past way through my time in country.  I have similar markers until I'm basically on the plane ride home.  No point in being trunky now.  No time for it.  Speaking of the states, and politics, how is my ballot, and my options?

I love the daily intelligence test.  I'm on a good streak here.  Nothing bad happening at all.  Except when Elder Wood washed paper in the wash.  He's been lint rolling for a while everymorning, since all his pants now have pinyata like features.  :)  We have had fun making food.  I'm teaching him some of the dishes that I've learned how to make.  My latest, dish, pad thai, is really not so good.  The member that taught me sort of didn't know how to do it.  I"ve been watching people make it so I can actually do it.  My second indepent attempt was above the 'edible when really hungry' threshold, but below the 'I'd eat that again, even if I'm really hungry.'  So, we've got more practice to do on that.  However, a new curry has risen to one of my favorites.

Cool spiritual things this week:

- I've been learning a lot from training.  It's like magic.  I train, and then am twice as good afterwards, because God needs me to be a good example.

- My latest scriptural study activity has lead me to record amounts of reading.  I got 2/3 of a verse today after I finished reading in the bible.  Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow.  I'm going for a deeper understanding, so I search for additonal passages to better understand.  More than ever, I wish I had scriptures with a couple inch margins.   Maybe double spaced as well.

- I've had a few different times when I just knew what was going to turn out of a situation, with a special feeling about it.  Then it did.  Spirit of Prophecy?

- I've seen that some gospel teachings are nearly reflex.  Bad Sunday school lesson -> learning how to teach better.   

- Doing things by the Spirit, then seeing how that was what was needed, or what was righteous.  Always my favorite part of a week.

Speaking of records, I've been playing the fun records game.  I've found that some people really are bad at it.  I've also really been enjoying reviewing and editing my study journal, as well as improving my current entries.  It's amazing to see what I've learned over this last year.

I wish I could get you pictures. I'll have to take the trip to BIGC to get that too.  I'm thinking about doing it next week.

Well, being out here in the country is nice.  There's not a lot of city to work in.  I've found that there are neighborhoods scattered all around the city.  A few kilos is easily biked, and gets you a buch of clustered houses.  I also tried going from house to house in less dense areas by bike.  It's not that ineffective.  As long as each house is relatively close, you can just jump from house to house, or coast on one pedal.  The gospel has to get everywhere.  I'll do my part.

I've really had a chance to evaluate how far I've come as a misionary, I'm so impressed by the journy and the results.

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