October 15, 2012


Because one use isn't enough, we pulled them out again, and cleared a forest of a back yard.  There were these areal potatoes that we thought we could eat growing on vines.  We climbed up the walls, and the barrel and harvested many kilos. The members happily cooked some for us to try, only to find that they were bitter!  They still want to use them, so they'll be asking some people to find out if they are poisonous or not.  

This was a really fun service project.  I loved how much service was talked about in conference, and then right after we were able to go and serve.  I wish it always was like that.  Too often the listening and the doing are not connected. Sermons without actions are hollow.  I have already set goals and planned for how I can improve to better apply the principles I learned in conference.  I hope everyone else is doing the same.

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