October 24, 2012

October 8, 2012

I wondered if the change was real.  Somehow the mission figured it all out really fast.  By last night it was known.  Rumors are a plague, they are really viral.  I just was thinking about the social repercussions in Utah.  BYU will never be the same.  Poor preme's.  They never had a chance.  So many things will shift with this new thing.  I wish I could have left then.

Transfers are a huge deal!  It's quite the effort we put into them.  People travel for many long hours (up to 14) to get the the meeting.  The organization in planning it all is quite impressive.  Ours are fun!  

I have been studying in the BoM in Thai alone.  I love the transition.  I usually look up a couple words.  I focus on important chapters for teaching, which leaves me rather edified and more prepared in teaching.

This last week we worked hard, but didn't get a lot to see at the end of it all.  Lots of goals to improve that.

I look forwards to conference this weekend.  I'll only get it in Thai, which is good, but notes will be really hard to take.  I expect to be very excited for the conference issue of the Ensign.
"When we do something, don't be discouraged at heart.  If discouraged, don't withdraw.  If withdrawn, don't pull out.  If you have pulled out, settle down anew, do it again.  Then you will find sucess."  - Sticker in a Tuk Tuk  (poorly translated)

Isn't that how life works?  Even if we pull out, we just need to settle down and have another go at it.

May the Lord bless us all with a second chance to change our lives yet again, to have the courage and determination to try again.  I know that we all will be sustained by Christ's grace as we are transformed to be like him.

Elder Buss

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