October 24, 2012

Ping Pong

Thai people often have fun giving the names.  My favorite had to be this really thin man named fat.  I always confused him for a fat member.  Peoples names often have meanings, as I learn more Thai I've found different names's meanings.  Anyways, Boong's children are Boy, Ping Pong, and Bon.  Fun to say.  Thai isn't big into word-plays.  However, there are some unique features that are fun, usually with duplication, or the addition of a second syllable that has no meaning, but sounds good.  Pum-Tum, that sort of thing.  Prayers in the Book of Mormon are really fun to read, because they are all in royal speech, which sounds really cool.

Ping Pong passed her interview to be baptised this week!  Really awesome.  While she interviewed I read the scriptures with a member.  I ended Romans 12-16 with an amen, right as she came out.  Much better than just waiting.  She then had to run out of the church because the interview took longer than expected.  She's awesome.  No problems at all.

Reading in Thai is still good.  I still am sometimes amazed that I can read it.  I look at it, then I can just read it.  I can read better than I can speak.  It's just a lot easier to say things clearly when reading.  That's why we read.  It really helps with speaking.  I've been working with Elder Wood his whole time.  We're to about 1 Nephi 17, after we finish 1 Nephi I'll let him work on his own.  I've been supplementing the Book of Mormon reading with the New Testament.  I  have been studying from Paul a lot lately.  I've learned a lot about grace.  That has really shifted my thoughts about everything in the gospel. 
This week was good.  I've been working on some different things, and seeing progress.  That's always nice.  We are almost through another transfer.  I can't really remember this last week clearly.  Last night I went to bed as soon as I was done talking to my leaders.  Just tired.  I think I'm just stressed a bit from it all.  Not too surprising.  If there ever was something to stress you it is responsibilities.  Just keep on going, working at my work.  Lots of RCLA's.  We found a few new investigators, which is really nice.  The highlight of my week was the things I learned about grace, over the period of a couple very spiritual days.


Elder Buss

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