October 24, 2012


October 14, 2012
They don't eat the big bugs.  I pulled a monster spider out of the primary room this last week.  Good thing the kids didn't spot it.  There is a legitimate reason to fear spiders when you can see their fangs.  
My glasses are in my bag. I usually use the really dark sunglasses I've got while out and about on my bike, but I don't want a picture with them on sometimes.  So I end up without glasses.  I prefer it while biking anyways.  I feel like glasses make things father away less clear.   So, they are more of inside glasses now.  I also am worried that they'll get destroyed while biking.  It's a crazy world out here.
Although I don't have a picture, we set off our first lantern.  Way cool. We have been seeing them more and more these days.  The 30th everyone will be setting them off.  We already have several ready for that night.  One of my pre-mission goals is now accomplished.
This week we had some good talks to help our companionship.  I think it just takes him some time to warm up.  I definitely have things to improve on as well, and am always doing so.  This last week has been especially fruitful.  Conference provided a lot of inspiration on a number of subjects.  I look forwards to working on that.
So this internet cafe just has a bunch of little kids playing games instead of school.  They are really loud and annoying.  Elder Houghton was sick of it, so he just screamed out WOOOOO!!!  Dead silent.  Until we both busted out laughing.
This week we also started street contacting with mormon.org cards - they just came out with it in Thai.  They are way cool.  Really fun and spiritual.
Life is good.  Use today to the best in serving others, trust in God, and you will be happy.
Elder Buss

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