November 24, 2012

Me and Elder H.

Anyways, this last week was really good.  Me and Elder H. Are really starting to work together better.  We were able to get 5 lessons to RCLA's in one day.  As the last number we report at night it elicited a mild expletive in reply.  Yeah.  One of the LA's is now active, another has been for a couple weeks in a row now.  We had 50 people at sacrament meeting. 

This week lots of people have been sick, including EH.  After teaching yesterday he went home and made up for the lost sleep of the night before.  I had the pleasure of calling people and reading the scriptures for hours on end.  Really great Sunday anyways.  We suspect it was food poisoning from the free food that we got as part of the current holiday.  I, as the vegetarian, was unaffected.  (The holiday has people eating only vegan food for 10 days.  Most people don't do it at all, but many people will try out some vegan food.)   I haven't really been  doing anything for this holiday.  The nightly fireworks (bombs) are really fun.  Every day it sounds more and more like a war zone.

Wow.  I'm sure the MTC will be at full capacity for a very long time.  I'd heard that they changed all the 12 week missionary programs to 9 weeks, as well as some other changes.  Clearly this has been in the works for many months.

It's good to hear that people are getting jobs.  One of these days I'll get one too.  Or maybe I should become a basement haunter.  Nah.  I don't like video games, it just wouldn't work out.  I realized the other day that I really take ownership of life here.  I have food storage, I clean the house, I repair the house, I stock the house, etc.  I just don't own anything.  Or have a job.  I'll figure those out later.  However, living on my own would be really easy once I get the income to pull it off.

Speaking of money, I found some good uses for my birthday/christmas money.  I just looked, I thought I had much less, so I'll have to go on another spending day soon.  Well, I can figure that out later.  I found this way nice Thai shirt/pants from the hill tribes.  And I got those scriptures I ordered.  They just barely released the Book of Mormon in Lao - with the whole Book of Mormon, not just selections.  I didn't know it was out yet, so that was a surprise.  I also ordered a nice Thai triple, along with the new translation of the bible.  The new translation is really good.  I read it for hours yesterday.  Very clear grammar, although the vocab is a bit out there for some passages.  The gospels are a very easy read though.  I ordered some hand made scripture cases for my scriptures too.  I also found some Thai flags, one for the nation, one His Majesty the King, one for as Her Majesty the Queen.  Very cool.  For cultural food, I got some German chocolate from a member who went to Germany on business.  If it was cultural for my dad, it's cultural for me.  I think it works out to about $53 spent so far. I have other things (e.g. machete)  that I will get later on so I don't have to haul them around.  Since I have more than I remembered, I'll have to brain storm more.  At this rate I can get a tailored suit, and still have a sizable chunk of change left to purchase books to read when I get back.  You would think it to be easy to spend money.  Everything is so cheap!

This last week I have been trying even harder to serve, taking the suggestion to pray every morning for an opportunity to serve, I have had many, many chances to help others. If we just set these simple little goals to improve, life just keeps on getting better and better.  It has blessed my whole mission.  So go out, think of something simple to do better at, and do it. 

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