November 24, 2012

Oct 28

This last week has been interresting.  We are working together, and life is good.  I feel like I've really become more of a missionary in the process.  I really love doing it all more than before.

I'll be lighting off lanterns.  Yeah.  They are so fun.  We went and bought another ten today.  I'll be on a swich off for the big day, but I will take a few with me for the event.  It feels nothing like October here.  It feels like ตุลาคม  for sure.  Still hot, not much rain.  Pretty soon we'll call it the cold season for fun.  It'll still be hot and humid.

Lately we've been using these pass along cards.  They are something else.  You just walk up to people and ask them the question on it.  I have had a lot of good discussions with people, the reaction is really astonishing.  Granted, most people still turn it aside, but a lot are interested with what we have to say.  It makes talking with people a lot more fun.

One of the people thus contacted has turned into our newest baptismal dater - Mo.  She is interested to learn, and came to church.  Really cool.  Our investigator that is addicted to meth is doing well too!  He's been off of it for over a week.  Smoking is proving a challenge still.

This last week we had a switch off with the Zone Leaders. It was fun.  We got stuck in their area, they didn't check to see if there was a late bus headed back.  Their house is the first I've seen that was an apartment attached to a member's house.  It was really nice.  I heard word that people are amazed at how well my child speaks Thai.  Pretty proud of him.

I love the home teaching message this month.  I went on a switchoff and home taught my four people this last week.  Way good.  It is similar to the talk "The merciful obtain mercy" from the previous conference.  This really is the way to be happy.  We don't have to be perfect to be happy.  We just need to consistenly apply divine principles in small steps.

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