December 3, 2012

Welcome in December

Hello dear family and friends.  And the Google bot.

Today the weather is really nice.  It's clouded over and is basically room temperature.  If it sprinkles it gets a bit cold.  

I had a way good week.  Here's why:

Monday we harvested and threshed rice.  It's one of my goals/hopes now met.  It was way fun.  I loved the harvesting, Elder Berbert loved the threshing.  

Tuesday we got six new people at English class.  I really want to build our program up some more.  Six more students is a good start.  One of them has now become a new investigator.

Wednesday and Thursday was the lantern festival.  We had the chance to let off about 8, because I'm obsessed.  It was so fun.  We knew we had to go out and work, but I brought lanterns to let off whenever we would get a chance.  We let off one with an 10 year old recent convert that we ran into.  Then, we biked along the river towards our next appointment.  We unintentionally ran into the center of activity for the night, at the bridge over the river.  People were letting loose the boats and lanterns like crazy.  It also was the best viewpoint to see the hundreds of lanterns floating up in the sky.  Just stunning.  We stopped to take a few pictures, and found a man who became really interested as I chatted with him.  In the meantime, Elder Berbert ran into our investigator, who was going to party in the city.  We saved a lot of time biking out to his house, got a contact, and a fantastic view of everything going on.  God is indeed mindful of what will make his children happy.  we then were able to see a less active who actually let us in.  :)

The next day was the Thanksgiving party.  It was great.  I spoke for a little bit, then we ate.  There was no attempt to make the food anything like Thanksgiving dinner.  Afterwards we taught a few investigators who came, let loose lanterns with members, then flew over to the new center of activity.  It was even more insane!  Instead of the river, everyone was gathered at the clock tower.  Pressing into the crowd we saw tons of floats, people dressed in ancient style clothing, fire dancers, drums, etc.  It was way cool.  We let off a bunch of lanterns.  There was a constant flow of lanterns into the sky.  What a crazy holiday.

Because the city doesn't have enough going on, the first mall in the province opened up on Friday.  We used it as an opportunity to street contact, as well as pass out fliers for our English class.  In one hour we got out over 2000 fliers!  We'll go check it out later today.

My favorite activity Saturday had to be helping out at a member's house.  It was just like a Saturday at home.  I sanded and polished a desk they made for their daughter, while Elder Berbert weeded and chased a lizard.  It's always great when we get a solid chance to serve people.

I can hardly believe that this transfer has come as far as it has.  It ends a little early on the 18th.  So fast!  I can hardly believe that the year is coming to a close.  Or that I've been here this entire year!  That's such a long time.  It's been such a good time.  Afterall, the Gospel that we preach is true!  It makes everything so much better.

Elder Buss

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