January 7, 2013

That they may be one.

This last week was really interesting.  We have been trying to work harder, and we both feel that this week was superior to past weeks.  However, we don't have any real evidence of such, as there is no upward trends in our key indicators.  We are hopeful to see the results of our labours, however, we have yet to see where that increase will come from.  I never have felt like I knew how to find new investigators, and I feel even more so now.

I personally feel like I need to set some goals to further stretch me in my missionary efforts.  However, I have yet to find what the Lord has in mind for me, and am without any new goals.  It's a little bit frustrating, and I'm tempted to just forget about the quest for improvement.  I believe that God will indeed help me to increase my capacity, I just need to find the goal first.

I'm still confused about what I'm doing, or where I am going.  I think of Moses as he named his son Gershom, when he said that he had been a stranger in a strange land.  I suppose if that is the example set for us, then I should be more cheerful to follow.  I'm excited to see what the future brings, although it is tempered by uncertainty.  I'll accept whatever the Lord calls of me, although I am not sure what it is at this moment.

It is fun to be able to talk about growing up on our little farm.  It's all the fun, with so much less work.  I spent a couple days up in Cheing Mai with Elder Kettawong. He's from Lao, it was really fun to talk about our homelands, there is so much to know about this world.

This week we ran into an older man from the States.  My companion mistook him for a Mormon, and called me over.  He wasn't, and I talked to him as he walked out of the restaurant.  I asked him what denomination he attended.  His rebuke was rather instructive.  "Don't ask that.  Focus on Jesus."  It was a good reminder of how we all have so much in common, that we spend an inordinate amount of effort coming up with divisions among people.  We all are God's children, brothers and sisters.  Of course we aren't the same.  But we are all so, so similar that we will divide up ourselves.

We are here that we may be perfect in one.  That is why there is only one way to God.  That is why this work is a gathering, not a scattering.    That is why we seal people together.  We aren't trying to divide, save it be to divide evil from good.  We cannot tolerate any amount of evil.  However, we seek all things that are good, for all good things are of God.  We seek to be sanctified by truth.  We are all parts of a body - different, but united.  As we focus on Jesus, that body, lead by our Eternal Head, Jesus Christ, is one on the path back to the God that gave us life. 

I love you all.

Elder Robert Buss

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