January 30, 2013

Well, this last week was really good.

The highlight was the activity we had on Saturday.  With the help of Elder and Sister Peterson, we held a day-long less-active rescue party.  We gathered at the church, I made up a map and brought all the records, we split into groups, and headed out.  My group was the smallest, with a mere two people - me and Elder Peterson.  That was really fun.  We went and just looked for priesthood holders, and were able to teach several people, and even give a blessing.  The overall result of our group effort was 6 people coming to church who hadn't come over a month.  Really neat.  We taught a lot of lessons, and were able to help a lot of people.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it.  There are a lot of less-actives who need some more care.  So many people to help.

We were also able to give our eternal investigator a baptismal date!  It's looking like he'll be able to clear up his past marriage and be able to be baptized   The same lesson his wife prayed for the first time, she'd never prayed in the year that he has learned.  We hope that she will continue to open her heart so that she can join him in getting baptized.

Branch counsel was amazing!  Normally it's not productive or very meaningful.  However, this last time ran just like it should.  If things keep on going like this, we'll have a really strong branch with a lot of members active, ready to welcome in all the newly baptized members.  We have really been trying to help out our branch, and I can see the difference.  Once the branch is strong, everything becomes so much easier.

I'm just glad to be able to sort of stumble along one hand of hymns.  It really is useful as I play every week.  This Sunday was especially crazy as I was a speaker.  One speaker didn't show up, and the other didn't seem to make even 5 minutes.  Thus my 10 minute talk turned into the meeting.  That was fun.  I've never had to speak so long in Thai at one time.  It's still tricky to explain some things, especially complex feelings.

For P-day today we went to "Tiger Kingdom"  Just by speaking Thai we got a discount, one Elder really got us winning by knowing one of the workers.  We ended up getting to go in the cages with the biggest and the smallest tigers for less than half of what it should have been.  They claim that the tigers aren't drugged, they are just well trained.  I'm inclined to believe them, as they are constantly around humans, and once they start to act up a bit they stop letting you play with them.  I had one big tiger get tired of me laying on him.  I could hear his stomach asking for food.  Needless to say I was the last person to lay with him for a little bit.  The cubs were way fun.  Alas, I couldn't get a picture with one on me, as it was pretty tired.  It's crazy to be laying on a tiger, and then it just starts moving around.  Way fun.  Tonight we'll have special training, then I'll be on switchoffs. 

I love you all.

Elder Robert Buss

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