February 12, 2013

Laos Cracks

I am pleased to announce that I am training for a second time.  Wow, is it ever good.  My new companion is Elder Xiong.  He's Hmong, from Sacramento, California.  He speaks both English and Hmong fluently.  Everyone is confused by him.  Most people think he's from Korea, China, or Japan. But he's not.  He was baptized about 5 years ago, the only member in his family.

He's super humble and willing to learn.  We are able to go out and work.  I'm back into the 24/7 job of raising a child.  I'm teaching all the time, and am constantly explaining everything.  It's an extra strain, going from a companion where we met the ideal of equal shares of the work to almost everything.  Even when he helps, I'm still teaching and looking after everything else.  I love it so much.  He will become such a fantastic missionary.

We have changed the organization of the mission a little - Zone leaders will no longer come in pairs.  Now they will have a junior companion. The change is slowly being introduced.  It was really odd to have President Senior praise trainers as experienced missionaries, the best out there.  He talked about how it was the most important calling in the mission - as I sat in the trainer's seat.  Us four elders who are training all trained together four transfers ago.  Two of the others are zone leaders, one a district leader, all three have been here longer and then there was me.  I felt a little over praised.  I've got a long way to go to be numbered among the best.  Instead of a description I'm taking it as an ideal - to be the best.
Here is our official statement - mission history is being made.

“By invitation, the Thailand Bangkok Mission received approval to have four young service volunteers to labor in Vientiane, Laos.  These service volunteers will work with Deseret International Charities under the direction of the Senior Couples who are located in Vientiane, and will be involved in a variety of humanitarian and educational service opportunities, including clean water projects, hygiene, neo-natal education and English language instruction.  The young volunteers will also support the Branch activities of the Laotian Saints in Vientiane, Laos.  The Church is not yet officially recognized in Laos and this recent activity is for the purpose of providing additional educational and humanitarian service.”

Wow.  That might not be clear enough.  We have four Elders in Laos, without tags, and no right to proselyte.  However, there is a huge amount that they can do to help the branch.  This just blew everyone's minds.  So exciting.  Yes, Laos is not open yet, but this is a crack.  I'm incredibly proud of those elders who are currently serving in Laos.
Well, the work goes on.  God bless you all.

Elder Robert Buss 

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  1. I enjoyed reading, and follow activities the LDS Church doing a lot of good in mine home country.