February 11, 2013

This most recent week has been quite rewarding.  Our whole time together me and Elder Berbert have had a goal for four new investigators in one week, no matter what our official goal is.  This last week we accomplished it.  Overall, we saw everything but the number of lessons go up.  We taught significantly fewer lessons, but the service we were able to render instead was well worth it.  I am rather satisfied with the service and work we accomplished.

I am planning on slow boating some stuff home (The hair clippers, some books, gifts to siblings (resident monkeys), etc.)  Before I do, I want to know what the prices for luggage run (I'm sure that the slow boat will be cheaper, just give me a market average.) as well as how customs work.  Assume I will try to take everything from uranium to monkeys.  I might as well know the full rules before I try to bring anything home.  I've had some strange thoughts.

As far as plants go, I'll ask for the usual, potatoes, green beans, etc.  However, I hope to find a crop of death peppers that is painful to look at.  Not sure what is available, but I'll willing to try most anything.  I can send you some seeds, if it is legal.  I can buy them at the market here.  If you can somehow get papaya growing, that would be just fantastic.  They grow really fast and easy here.  I'm pretty sure that we have a long enough growing season, especially with our greenhouse.  I've talked it over with some people.  I'd want to harvest them while they are still green when I get back.

I've come to realize how great it is to live in Utah.  People hear literally die when it gets cool.  Their bodies have never had to adapt to significant weather changes.

It looks like lanterns are off the list of things to try to take home.  At least my laser can still pass by.  I feel like most things can get through the airport, as long as they aren't illegal or overly dangerous.  I'm not sure my views of what that consists of are typical.

I've been setting a lot of goals lately.  I feel like I'm settling in too much.  Not that I dislike it, but I just expect there to be a good shakeup here.  Elder Berbert is almost certain to leave, so I'm a bit curious as to my next companion.  It'll be good for sure.

I have been reading in my journal lately, and have really loved it.  It is really cool to look back on the end of my MTC stay and see just how much that period of time helped me in the long run.  I'll be fun to talk to Grandma, as I feel like I've changed quite a bit since then.  I'm rather appreciative of the advice to keep a journal we have all been given.  It really is valuable, although day-to-day it doesn't seem like it at times.

Elder Robert Buss

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