February 25, 2013

Ward Newsletters

I receive and enjoy ward newsletters every month, and haven't missed an issue since I started receiving them.  They are so big!  It's fun to hear from the ward and the other missionaries.  By the way, I didn't end up as a scrawny Santa.  They ended up with a member as the very fit Saint Nick. 

Tell the ward members I'm just fine, happy all the time.  Life is great.  I love activities.  This last week we had branch counsel.  I proposed having a weekly YSA activity.  We'll be asking permission from the district to transform the unused fourth floor of our church into an activities room.  The major problems will be cleaning, and getting the approval to buy a ping pong table.  I hope it all goes through.  Its such a great way to help Less Actives and people's friends come into activity in the church, as well as strengthening the members and their friendships.  

Lately I've started to become proficient in writing.  I've always known how to write, and have slowly learned some basic spelling, but never much.   Just like a breakthrough to fluency, I'm just suddenly a lot better at writing.  I can write out sentences, before I'd always get stuck and have to give it a few tries.  I'd get halfway through and then forget the sentence I was writing, get hung up on one word I couldn't remember etc.  Now I'm able to write, although poorly, it works.  Now that I can write, I'm practicing a lot, writing letters and a Thai Journal.  I have also started to memorize in Thai.  It seems to have come as a fruit of months of reading the Thai Book of Mormon as well as Preach My Gospel.  (I'll finish the BoM in Thai the second time this week.  I never thought I would read it more than twice on my mission, I'll read it another time easily.)  Yeah.  I love this language so much.

Training is a blast.  I've learned a lot already.  Elder Xiong, despite his language abilities, is willing to go up and talk to people and invite them to learn about the gospel.  He has such a great desire to share the gospel.

Well done with the family history!  I'm so excited to start when I get back.  How is the family prayer and scripture study going?  My new discovery for this week was that family prayer is every morning and night.  I somehow have never noticed that.

I figure it would be awesome.  I love our family so much!  Everyone is great.  Everyone loves our family too - I keep a picture in the clear cover of my teaching Book of Mormon, and everyone loves to comment on it.

We had a less active sister come back to church.  She is great.  When I first started working with her, I decided that she would be as good as a baptism.  A few crazy lessons, dreams, and revelations later, she is back!   She has decided to put away her concerns and to become a fully active member.  She just stopped coming to church one week, and it seems that as suddenly she has decided to return. Definitely the best thing this week.

I love you all.
Elder Robert Buss

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