March 11, 2013

Hey buddy can you spare some change?

I'm always surprised to hear the names people came up for their children.  I feel like there are a lot of strange stories that have to explain why people are so happy to give out such strange names.  I'm certain I'll have some explaining to do when I name my children.

This last week has been excellent.  I've been working on praying better, and it's yielded some miraculous results.  We were able to teach a good amount, meet almost all of our goals, and keep the branch missionaries busy for two whole days.  It took a ton of planning and praying, but it all worked out.  Church had about 40 people, compared to the recent 30-31 we've been stuck in for quite a while.

If I can figure out how to plan everything out right, we'll really make a lasting difference in the branch.  I get sick of being on the phone.  If I am able to make my calls, I'll spend anywhere from 30 min (in a session) to an hour and a half.  However, the results of really looking after everyone and everything is the continued blessings of heaven in carrying out God's will.  I've really been able to see how much has to be put into the church organization to cause something to happen. 

More than ever, I feel like I've learned about the right way to live life.  My perspective on many things has changed as a missionary.  Lampang has really changed me.  I really wonder what I'll look like at the end of my mission.

I love Moroni 7.48.  The most satisfying thing is to see is change.  A real change.  It seldom matters who changes, we can change, people we serve can change.  But it's the changes that happen that makes this work so satisfying. 

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