April 7, 2013


Speaking of training - I've confirmed that I've been training with President Senior. He said I will be whitewashing too.  That will be really crazy.  So, in three weeks expect to hear about another child and how lost we will be in some foreign area.  I'm super excited.  Other good news -  Elder Wood, my first child, has also been called to train.  Yeah.  There are few people who ever see a grandson born.  It's a natural byproduct of having a big family I guess.  I love training and am thrilled to continue it.  If I train the full two transfers, I will have spent 7/16 transfers in training - nearly half my mission.  

Right now Elder Xiong is doing really well.  His Thai is to a point where he can put in useful contributions a lot more.  He also just has good ideas as far as the work goes.  It's great, he thinks more like I do than he ever did before.  It's cool how we are both prompted the same way at times.  It makes me feel like he has internalized many of the things that I taught him from my experiences.  He has grown a lot over the last seven weeks.

Concerning being a district leader, I love it.  I love calling people and asking how things are.  I know that good district leaders have really helped me in the work, and I hope that I can do the same for people here.  This week I'll be interviewing a lot of people if everything goes right (please pray that it does). 

This last week was good.  I enjoyed it.  We were able to get a couple of our investigators back.  Both are nervous about going to church.  One just graduated, and is a bit shy.  The other is retired and a bit shy.  Speaking of the old man, in our last lesson he prayed to be happy.  For the first time in months he's felt just fine since.  I'm thrilled to follow up with him today on how repenting of some past mistakes went.  When we went to see him he was reading a science book.  Needless to say after I explained and testified of the creation, he said what I said made more sense than anything else he's ever heard.  Really great.  He is certain he wants to be baptised - once he's sure that there is a God.  He is getting witnesses, one day he will confess and convert.

I feel like more than ever I am getting to become something new.  I'm sure that the patient application of gospel principles does indeed change our lives.  I'm privileged to apply them everyday, and create patterns of living for the rest of my life.  God is real, he has a work for all of us to do,  even if we aren't sure what it is, or if it isn't what we planned on.  It is his, and we are blessed to play our small part in it.

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