April 19, 2013

Wednesday night we went up to Chieng Mai.  We came back on Saturday.  Super long time up there.  However, it was because we had a  lot of stuff get shuffled around.  Our schedule was totally messed up, but God had it all work out in a really cool way.  The first interview was for a teenage grandson of a member.  He was cool.  I was really torn on whether he was ready or not.  He was ready in all the ways I thought he might not be, and I decided that he would be better off in the church as he strengthens one aspect of his testimony.

I've had a lot of promptings this last week that have guided various events.  I feel like I've basically accomplished what God called me to do here in Lampang.  It's really odd.  My final challenge is trying to get Elder Xiong to the point where he can take over the area as I'll be leaving within a couple weeks.  It's hard to let go, because he still has a lot to learn.  However, it is for the best, and it is what he needs, and what God needs me to do.

We had a good discussion about our time together and the training.  I've been very clear and blunt consistently.  I don't hint, I say what I think.  Elder Xiong is a passive-aggressive sort of guy, which is a bit annoying.  When he actually wants something he usually says so in a very roundabout way.  As a missionary I've become a lot more direct about everything I do.  Clarity is very important.  It has really helped Elder Xiong to progress as a missionary into someone he wasn't a few short months ago.

I have been feeling odd about my work.  Most of it I won't get any credit for.  I produced the situations in the branch and in the training, gave a lot of little nudges, and have seen my vision nearly become reality (I hope for the rest of it to be accomplished in this next week).  The process is rather interesting, and takes a lot of patience.  It inflames my pride to not get the due credit, but I don't work for credit, I work for the good of others, and I've seen that. 

Easter totally passed by.  The branch decided to move it to next week, so I'll do my contemplation as I approach it this (hopefully less crazy) week.  There are absolutely no indications of a holiday having occurred, so I am indeed free from the pagan traditions.  It is a wonderful opportunity to ponder, as well as to spiritually prepare for upcoming revelation this next conference.

I love you all.

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