April 7, 2013

ZL ears

I've been informed that I'll be training next transfers as well - which is crazy (or the ZL's ears aren't too good).  I'll have trained three missionaries.  Super exciting.  Every companionship in my district has one person called to train next transfers (which is coming up fast.  For various reasons this transfers has been shortened to just 4 weeks, ending before general conference). Because this transfer is so short, and there is an unusual number of new missionaries, P. Senior announced the trainers before hand. So yeah.  I'm thrilled to continue training, and to help my district train. 

Speaking of districts, I've been called as a district leader.  It's way fun, I love working more, and working with our excellent district of 8.  It's been an opportunity to learn, and to serve more than ever before.  Among other things, it takes up most of my personal time at night making phone calls.  I love it so much. 

Speaking of Jeffrey, I hope that he has some time to spare when I get home.  For a while now I've felt I should do some training with him before he becomes a missionary.  I suspect it is because he will be a much better missionary that I am.  I'm not a good missionary, I might be good at helping others become a good missionary though.  I do love being a missionary.  It's so satisfying.  A careful study of my blessing has shown me that there are a lot more things on a number of topics than I ever thought were in there at the start. 

This last week has been good.  Our investigators are all disappearing, which is sad, because we just started to be finding a lot more.  However, my real pleasure is in the changes I am seeing in the branch.  My goal for this area is to make a permanent change in the branch itself (and to found Elder Xiong's missionary experience).  Nobody will get baptized until that happens.  I'm not sure how much more God is waiting on, but I suspect that our area will have a major change shortly.  This area is starting to be prepared to have the skies open and blessings flow down to it.

Our branch missionaries are thrilled with finding less active members.  I've taken all the members on record, made up slips of paper organized by street, and started helping them go out and find them.  They are so excited to find God's children and help them come back to him.  God works in so many ways to help us all.  He never has thrown us away, he has never abandoned us.

We have begun teaching Brother Benz.  He has been away from the church for a long time, but has decided to try out the church again.  We biked a very long ways to his house (farthest I have ever biked to teach), then he just told us everything about his life.  He has a lot of reasons for how things are how they are.  Not that he uses life as an excuse, I can just see how events have shaped his life.  He will have a lot to learn about God's love and the atonement.  In Sunday School I spent most of the class answering his questions - all of which are answered by the atonement.  He will be so amazing as he lets the atonement work in his life.  I can see it already.

I love you all.

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