May 6, 2013


This last week has been quite chaotic.  I hope that later this week will finish up the bulk of our insanity.  We got back to our area Wednesday, in order to finish up everything that we had to do.  We ran around saying goodbyes, because both of us were moving.  I knew that was coming, but it still was a bit of a hassle.  We got on a bus that night and made it to moves meeting.  That was crazy. 

At moves meeting a good number of the trainers were changed, but I am still training for a third time.  Yeah.  I expect about 2/3 of my remaining time in the mission to be training.  That makes for 7/16 of my moves I'll have spent in the training schedule.  It's a lot!  I love it.  We are also opening an area, which is a new experience.  Fortunately, it's just a split from the current Thonburi Elders, so we have them around to help out.  Interestingly enough, they have just two investigators they are working with, and nothing else really.  So, I feel we are going to change how the work is carried out here.  I'm a big fan of helping out the ward, as I felt that's what I was called to do in Lampang.  We've spent many hours talking, planning out our course in doing so.  There are hundreds of less active members, our ward is the smallest in the stake, from what I have been told, church attendance is just a little bit more than what I had in Lampang.

Our area is by far the largest area in Bangkok.  Bankok is divided into kheed's, sort of like areas.  Our missionary area includes a lot of kheeds, but we have the two kheed s that are called Bangkok.  The city of Bangkok is called GrungTheep in Thai.  The King is in our area as well.  Really cool.  I went street contacting in front of the hospital where he stays.  Most all of our members are from the upper part of our area, where we live, and where the church is.  I have felt that we shouldn't split our area into two pieces, but rather the two companionships will closely work together in all the same places.  I just feel like it's the right thing to do.  We've planned out how to arrange everything, and will try it out for a few weeks.  I've never heard of it being done this way before, but we got permission to do so. 

สงครานต์ this year was amazing.  Not like last year at all.  We went to Siam Square.  The security seems to have kept out most everything bad, what was left was a simple fun water-fight without all the bad stuff Bangkok is condemned for.

I am just thrilled to be here and do everything that lies before me.

Elder Robert Buss

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