May 6, 2013

Custom Suits

I have no idea how to live with the fact that my mission is coming to an end.  Elder Staten brought it up, we saw each other today, which was fun.  Both of us feel really empty about it.  Just kind of lost. I have a pledge on my wall that everyone is offered, the pledge to sprint to the end.  However, I don't know what to think about everything else besides missionary work.  The work will go on at all costs.  Any thoughts?

The work is doing quite well, we have two daters and a few investigators, last week we had 0.  We even met the newly proclaimed standards of excellence, despite whitewashing in.  In all accounts, we are thriving and working hard.  We even had investigators attend the baptismal service of the other Elders, as well as a less active come back to church.  It's a miracle how fast we have got things up and running here.  I'm almost scared by it, as if I have outdone myself.  I've just done what I always do, this situation God has seen fit to pour out blessings.

Our area is doing well.  So well.

Speaking of suits, I could get you a suit here really cheap.  It could even have a carving wood + knife pocket put in special.  (As well as a "sorry about the change" tithing envelope pocket.  Think about how useful that would be.)  DI cannot compete when you can choose your own special fabric.  Imagination is the limit.  I think I will get me one, I figure I'd regret it if I didn't, plus a suit is kind of what I used to like, so I'll probably love it when I get back.  I'm not that far away from lots of suit shops.

Well, this is the least mission focused letter of my mission.  Also, my ability to spell is almost 0.  Google will no longer offer free spell check at this rate of use.  I will have to pay a backspace fee.
Yeah, most missionaries have considered what a tablet could do for all the paperwork we work with.  I'd have saved so many hours.  if GPS coordinates were part of your membership record finding LA's would become a joke.
Well,  All is well.  The work here is amazing. I'm so glad to be a part of it at this exciting time.

Elder Robert Buss

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