June 19, 2013


For our weekend I polished my shoes really well.  Really, really shiny.  Our mission was visited by Elder Anderson (of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles), Elder Clayton (of the presidency of the Quorum of the 70),  Elder Watson (Quorum of the 70, Area Asia Presidency), and Elder Wu (Area 70).  It was pretty great.  We had a missionary meeting on Saturday.  We had to do a lot of little things to get it to all work out.  After the meetings we had moves - without a moves meeting.  It seems to have gone fairly smooth, but it took a lot of effort and patience from everyone.  Since we were all gathered together we were able to do it fairly quickly.

The actual meeting with Elder Anderson was wonderful.  I enjoyed his use of the New Testament, as well as his discernment of our mission's challenges.  His remarks were very relevant to everyone, and were very inspiring.  There were some promises and invitations that are very pleasing.  My favorite part had to be his testimony.  While just sitting there he seems like some old man.  But when he stands and begins to testify, a change happens.  It's really strange.  He becomes so much more noble, full of light, and in a way, glorified.  His testimony was accompanied by a strong spirit that would be hard to deny, as it was a fire burning.  Very impressive.

Sunday we had a combined meeting of all Bangkok, a similar meeting was held in the Easan.  One estimate gives about 1500 people there.  We rented this huge ballroom for it.  The meeting was nice, with various general authorities and their wives speaking.  However, the best part of the whole meeting was meeting up with people I served with.  It was so wonderful to talk to dozens of people from past areas, to see how they were doing, to know that they are still strong.  As it so worked out, several recent converts (no longer so, but still) of mine sat behind me.  To add to the wonder of the day, I got permission to call some people who I wasn't able to talk to.  It was one of the best days of my life.
All of it just fills me with the wonder of missionary work and the desire to proclaim the gospel. 
We are entering the rainy season.  As we are in South East Asia, I might just walk around in Crocs.  Ugly as can be, but they do dry out a lot better than my other shoes. We aren't fully into it, so there haven't been too many storms.  Just a few this last week.

We've got a awesome English class tomorrow.  I came up with a carnival, we've got games, treats, and lots of English.  I'm excited to see how it turns out.
In the midst of this great calling inspiration season, don't forget me.  One of the plagues we fight here are people who don't accept (or don't have) callings.  Callings are so important for our spiritual well being, as well as the progress of the church.


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