August 6, 2013

July 21, 2013

I'm so sorry, but this may be very short.  We are SO BUSY.  Things just keep coming in.  I quote from my letter to President Senior a few weeks ago  "Really, anything that will stretch me sounds good. I want to work more than ever before. I really do. This work is so important. My motto is "work to death." So, make sure I have plenty of work to do, I want as much as I can get. There is so little time."

 According to the graphs our zone is the last in the pack, and we're doing all the running to make up for it.  Me and Elder Rakmak have been going to town.  I feel like the zone is picking up the pace and we are getting on track.  To make our lives even more interesting, this week President Senior is visiting our entire zone.  We've got heaps to do with him and the AP's.  Our schedule is out of this world.  We are trying so hard to live the missionary schedule, but it still evades us.  We have to make so many calls, we are on switch offs at least once a week, plus we have to visit all the areas for training.

I love being with Elder RakMak.  He is fantastic.  We've seen the initial inspiration we received as we started talking about our zone and how we needed to lead it prove to be divine.  There have been a number of problems, but everything gets resolved quickly. 

I would like to spend time with the family.  Camping would be nice, I love going out into nature.  We could all talk and spend time together without all of your worldly distractions.  Obviously I've got things to get started, as well as school, so don't make it big or stressful.  Just get me to the temple, and have a chance to find some clothes. 

 My shirts are not coming home, neither are my pants.


July 28, 2013

This week has been sort of calm.  We had switch offs, zone training, etc.  Sister Lek was baptized.  That was pretty cool.  I have a bunch of pictures to send of various things, but this computer is pretty buggy and as slow as tar (winter, not here).  I  am lucky to be able to use the shift key.  Gamers have just trashed this machine and the hardware. I want to finish the job and use a different machine so bad.  I have a lot to say, but It really should have pictures to go with it.

Our big concern these days is time usage.  I expect to use my time to the fullest, while my companion acts like we've got all the time in the world, and a schedule is just made up nonsense.  He is wearing a watch now, I hope it helps.  I really want to street contact everyday for a couple hours.  It's not my specialty, but getting out and talking to people is just the heart of what we do.  I've come to see there are so many ways for us to do good.  It's insane how much there is we can do, and how easy it is to miss it all.  Or, we may do it, but not even realize it, because we have been doing it so long.

We have a bunch of investigators, but they haven't been doing so well this last week.  Everyone has all sorts of things come up and then they don't pray and read like the should.  Their spiritual sensitivity is diminished, and they have a harder line being close to God.  It's a very clear pattern in investigator's lives.

Well, I've got to go.  I love you all.


Elder Robert Buss

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